Barcelona, a photo a day


It’s raining men!

After days of sweltering heat, this year’s Gay Pride ended yesterday with a parade and a bang! A nice thunderstorm, rain, wind, the works, at the very moment the parade started moving. Thank God, the marines were here!
As for me, I swam home.

 She (he?) looked happy!

And the guy standing at the edge of the crowd, with his ‘homosexuality is a sin’ banner, seemed happy as well. Maybe he saw the storm as a sign…

Bird of Paradise

One of the strange creatures seen at last weekend’s Gay Pride.

My World Tuesday

This is My World on Tuesday, where very bright, funny and decorous people come specially to our streets from Tel Aviv to participate at Barcelona’s 2011 Gay Pride. Welcome, friends, and shalom!
Many more photos from this event right here!

Photo courtesy of Mandy.