Barcelona, a photo a day


Calatrava in Valencia

Let us leave town for today and head south to Valencia, to admire Santiago Calatrava’s masterwork, the City of Art and Science. The Valencian architect Calatrava is known for having built bridges in Venice, Jerusalem, a train station in Lisbon, and many more things around the world, Athens, Milwaukee, Lyon in France, and so on. Have a look at his website, it is most definitely worth at least one visit.
And here is what Wiki has to say about him.

As for the photo, it is an attempt to playing around with HDR.


Valencia, the slightly mad  fountain in front of the cathedral

More photos about yesterday’s snowstorm here.

Short trip to Valencia

A town where we love going back is Valencia. Valencia is not in Catalunya, although the local language, valenciano is close enough to Catalan.
Wonderful train station there, with a lot of traditional tiles.

Map picture

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía

A bit more of Valencia, a picture that combines both my love for music and my love for science fiction. Just behind what I showed yesterday is this building, the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Queen Sofia’s Arts Palace). An opera and concert hall looking like some stranded space ship.

Will go tosee Puccini’s Madame Butterfly in January. It will be a GREAT evening!

The Holy Grail

Short trip to another big Catalan-speaking town: the beautiful Valencia. This is the Seu, or Saint Mary Cathedral. According to the Catholic Church, and Pope Benedict XVI, this silver box contains the Holy Grail. The real one. More info here. And here.
I didn’t see it, I think they show it on Easter Sunday only.