Barcelona, a photo a day


Sant Adria

Where does the mountain end, where does the sky start… This are the 3 chimneys, symbol of Sant Adria de Besos, small town just north of Barcelona. Water, sky, clouds… Everything seems watery.
And yes, the thinggie on the right is a giant solar panel.

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Watery Wednesday 112

This is, as every wednesday, for Watery Wednesday. Please click here to see more photos.

Theme day: public transportation

It is theme day again. This month’s theme is public transportation.

This are the Golondrinas, spanish for swallows, leaving the old port to navigate along the beaches to Sant Adria de Besos and the Forum. Nice trip! My wish is that the municipality decides to transform what is a tourist thing into a regular public transportation. Might sound a bit silly, but think of Venice, or London’s water busses. Hey Mister Mayor Jordi Hereu, listen to me please!

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Watery Wednesday 111

Been a while… From the archives, one of our old favorites, the Magic Fountain near Plaza de Espana.

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Watery Wednesday 110

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Watery Wednesday 109

Mangroves (I suppose) growing in the lake in Ciutadella Park.

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And once again, sorry about not browsing many of your blogs lately,  as I am extremely tired at the moment.

Watery Wednesday 108

Can you understand why Ciutadella Park is one of my favorite places in Barcelona?

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Today, September 29th, general strike in Spain and in many other European countries. Here is this morning’s BBC article about it:

The Spanish government has approved an austerity budget for 2011 which includes a tax rise for the rich and 8% spending cuts.
Madrid has promised European counterparts to cut its deficit to 6% of its gross domestic product (GDP) next year, from 11.1% last year.
Government workers face a pay cut of 5%, starting in June, and salaries will then be frozen for 2011.
A tax rise of 1% will be applied to personal income above 120,000 euros.
Smaller savings include an end to a 2,500-euro cash payout for new mothers, known as “baby cheques”.
Unemployment has more than doubled – to about 20% – since 2007.

Although sympathizing with the strikers, this blog is open for business. So, here is today’s Watery Wednesday post. Ciutadella Park, our magnificent fountain

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Watery Wednesday

It is Watery Wednesday again, with some really clear water. Please click here to see more watery photos.


Temperatures are going down, but we still have 27 to 29 degrees most days, low to middle 80es. Good enough weather to relax and watch the sea, the boats passing. We’re very good at this here. And you?

זמנים טובים

Watery Wednesday

This is Venice, Italy, last winter. High tide on Piazza di San Marco. This lady seemed to enjoy it! The other one not so much.

Ésta es Venecia, Italia, el invierno pasado. Alta marea en la Piazza di San Marco. ¡Esta señora parecía gozar de él! La otra no tanto.

Maree haute sur la place Saint Marc a Venise, l’hiver dernier. Une des dames a l’air de bien s’amuser, l’autre pas trop. Eh oui, ca mouille et c’est froid, Madame.

Marea alta sulla Piazza di San Marco, Venezia. Una delle signore sembra contentissima, l’altra no.
Hochwasser auf der Piazza di San Marco in Venedig. Die erste Dame findet das alles sehr lustig, die andere scheint nasse Fuesse zu haben.

Esta é Veneza, Italy, no inverno passado. Maré elevada em Praça di San Marco. Esta senhora pareceu apreciá-la! Outra não tanto.

Αυτό είναι Βενετία, Ιταλία, τον περασμένο χειμώνα. Υψηλή παλίρροια στο τετράγωνο σημαδιών Αγίου. Αυτή η κυρία φάνηκε να τον απολαμβάνει! Άλλο το ένα όχι τόσο μεγάλο μέρος.

Watery Wednesday 105. Please click here to see more watery pictures.

Watery Wednesday

You see it? Yep, that’s mine. Care for a little boat trip, darling?

¿Cuál es el nuestro, querido?

On va ou, cherie?

Wo soll’s hingehen,Schnuckipuss?

Querida, onde vamos?

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Watery Wednesday

Barcelona seafront on a warm summer evening. Must be 8.30 PM, probably the best moment of the day for a swim. Going there tonight.

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Watery Wednesday

The water seems to jump of joy!

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Watery Wednesday 100!

Some fishes in the remarquably clear waters in the Port Vell.

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After 5 weeks going through a hospital, plumbing problems, no internet, a house change, and so on, we’re finally back! Slowly though. My health is improving steadily, but there are still some bad days. At least, I sleep at night now, and not just for 2-3 hours. Sleep, what a wonderful thing!
So, we’ll be catching up with your blogs in the next couple of days, curious to see what marvels you produced lately!

Watery Wednesday 98

Been a while since I post anything from the Magic Fountain in Montjuic… Enjoy! This is one of the main things you CANNOT MISS, when you’re next in Barcelona! You can get an idea of the size of the fountain by watching the people in the foreground: it is huge!

Watery Wednesday 98 already!

Watery Wednesday 97

The fishes swimming around in the old port really love tourists and passers by! They seem to follow you, waiting to be fed. At least, it means that the waters are clean.

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Watery Wednesday nr 96

OK. Let us assume for a moment that YOU (yes: YOU) are absolutely and utterly filthy rich (and we hope it is true). YOU obviously have several luxury super yachts all around the world, but can’t use all of them (what’s  the use for a yacht in Barcelona when YOU live in the Seychelles???).

Obviously, having spent an enormous amount of money on your toy, YOU don’t want it to get dusty. So, this is the ideal solution for every yacht-owning housewife: a dust cover, duh!!!

The wonderful world of Watery Wednesday! Don’t know it yet, have a look! Know it already? Have a look anyway!

Sunday Bridges numero seize (nr 16)

This is a pedestrian passage in the Port Vell, the old port, crossing the Marina to reach the Maremagnum shoppig mall area. Part of this passage is a turning bridge, to allow all the leisure yachts to leave or enter the port.

This is for Louis La Vache’s Sunday Bridges. Click right HERE to see more.

I still have very little energy (even turning around in bed makes me tired), so I can’t browse your sensational blogs at the moment, and I really miss it! Will be back asap, on a really slow burner.

Watery Wednesday

An archive photo about our holidays in the north, in July last year.
I am mending, did even sleep a bit last night!

This is for Watery Wednesday, episode 95.  


Barceloneta, or little Barcelona.

La Barceloneta is a neighborhood in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona. The neighborhood was constructed during the 18th century for the residents of the Ribera neighborhood who had been displaced by the construction of the Ciudadela of Barcelona. The neighborhood is roughly triangular, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Muelle de España of Port Vell and the El Born neighborhood. The neighborhood is serviced by its own stop on the Barcelona metro. Torre Sant Sebastià is the terminus of the Port Vell Aerial Tramway (better known as the cable car) opened in 1931 and connecting Barceloneta with Montjuïc across Port Vell.

Barceloneta beach gained status as the best urban beach in the World and total third best beach in the World, according to the documentary film “Worlds Best Beaches” produced by Discovery Channel in 2005. And even Miguel Cervantes talks about it in book 2 of The man of la Mancha. Although I have to say, being almost incredibly crowded, it is not our favorite beach in Barcelona.

Watery Wednesday

Another picture from last week’s fountain in Parque Guell.

The 92nd Watery Wednesday  already! Have a look here!

Weekend reflections

Some of the surrounding urban and industrial landscape reflecting on the W Hotel.

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Watery Wednesday nr 91

It is raining, which means that we have our very own watery wednesday here in Barcelona.

Photo taken in Parque Guell, A small fountain near the entrance, designed by Gaudi.

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Watery Wednesday

Barcelona’s mighty flying dolphin squad, Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Boating in the park

The nice weather is finally back, after 2 horrendous weeks. So, let’s go boating!



Map picture

Watery Wednesday

Down at the old port.

This is for Watery Wednesday nr 87. Please click here, you’ll see many more beautiful pictures.

Watery Wednesday

Thirsty? These public fountains are everywhere here as, despite of an almost scottish type of weather recently, it can be extremely hot here!

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Watery Wednesday

This is a photo of the water flowing on the walls of a big transparent box containing an old piano, a piano stool, an umbrella and other assorted items. Art.

The big bad icelandic ash cloud came to visit us yesterday, and everything disappeared in a brown haze, but today is a sunny, Watery Wednesday again! Click here to see photos from other participants.


Catalan recipe of the week

1 lb flour
3/4 lb sugar
3/4 lb marzipan
1 cup milk
1/3 lb of thickening agent
1/3 lb almonds toasted
Lemon rind, grated
A little cinnamon

The marzipan is made in the traditional way, mixing the egg whites, almonds and icing sugar. Next mix the flour with the sugar, add the milk and the marzipan. Knead with the hands and gradually add the thickening agent, the almonds, the grated rind and cinnamon.
Roll out the dough mixture on greaseproof paper on a baking tray, and place in the oven at 150ºC for about 15 minutes. Then remove and cut the mixture into strips two centimetres wide, glaze with the egg yolk and return to the oven until it turns golden.

Watery Wednesday

Participating today at 2sweetnsaxy’s Watery Wednesday.
The Norwegian Jade in Barcelona. In front, the tiny one is a Golondrina, Spanish for swallow, one of the little boats you can take to go around the port, or along the Barcelona beaches.

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And by the way, hope you like the new ‘summer layout’!

Summer in Sitges

Summer, you say? It really looks like it today! A balmy 25 degrees (high 70es in the US), the suncream days a back!
Not wanting to waste such a nice day, we went to Sitges, one of our favorite places in Catalunya, 30 minutes from central Barcelona. It was hot, it was nice, the water was cold enough to turn you blue in 30 seconds.
This photo was taken less than 2 hours ago!!!

And should you be in Sitges tonight, not knowing what to do, here is a suggestion:

The band ‘ The Damp Knickers’, live at Paddy’s Bar, tonight a 20.30! Not the very best taste in band’s names, but the music might be good, you never know

Watery wednesday

One of the gryphons in Ciutadella Park.
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Sant Pol de Mar

Yes, sometimes the sea is really this blue here… Where does the sea end, and where does the sky begin?
Picture taken at Sant Pol de Mar, an hour north of Barcelona.

Silvery sea

Playing around with GIMP and other stuff… Below is one I made much earlier, a century or so ago… 🙂


Map picture

Recycled garden under the sea

During last summer’s Festa Major in the Gracia area, one of the squares was made up as a garden under the sea. Here is a small part of it. Everything is made of recycled materials. Great idea!

Map picture


Very nice day yesterday, 16 degrees, so we went to the beach, for a stroll.We didn’t see anyone in the water, not even the little dog. But, next to some elderly people in heavy winter coats, some people were wearing bath suits, and these guys were walking topless. Spring is about, and it’s nice!

Theme day: wood

Today is CDP theme day, with the theme: wood.
This is  replica of the submarine Ictineo 1, launched in the port of Barcelona on September 23rd, 1859.
More info here.

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Some old houses still have wells, often at the entrance. We found this nice one in Sant Pol de Mar, 40 km north of Barcelona, along the coastal road to France.


Another rather nice shot from the Barcelona Aquarium

We’re going away for a couple of days,going to a VERY cold place, and the access to internet will be scarce. So, the next postings will be automated. We will visit all your nice blogs as often as we can!


One of my favorite places in Barcelona is the MMB, Museu Maritim de Barcelona. Actually, mainly for the museum shop, a fantastic place for a photographer. I just love what can be done with a maritime theme. And I could buy the whole shop! OK, I confess, I was a fanatic model boat builder as a kid, and I feel suddenly much younger in this shop!


To stay a bit longer on a aquatic theme, one of the friendly dolphins in Barcelona zoo.

Gone fishing…200th post!

I still have to go fishing… in my archives, as I don’t really have a lot of possibilities to go…hunting for photos.
So, this was taken last summer in the Barcelona aquarium. Don’t ask what fish it is: all I know is that it is yellow.
Oh yeah: this is my 200th post. Will celebrate with a nice dinner. No, no fish.

And also: welcome to Fida, our 181st follower!

La isola di Burano

Near Venice, in the laguna, is the very beautiful island called Burano, famous for it’s lace. Now, you know that this blog is rather colorful… Here are some more colors for everybody to enjoy!


A new highlight in the Barcelona skyline is the W Hotel, nicknamed la vela, the sail. Built by the renowned architect Ricardo Bofil, a local, and entirely made of glass, directly on the seafront, with some spectacular views over the sea and the mountains. Some of the names of the rooms and suites: wonderful room, fabulous room, fantastic suite, wow suite and, of course the Extreme Wow Suite, probably on top of the building.
Their prices… Well, it’s a 5 stars hotel, so just let your imagination go wild.

As the outside is made of glass, it reflects the ambient light. I will go back one day when the sky isn’t as blue as today, to see the different reflections. Might be interesting.

The Santa Eulàlia

The Santa Eulalia. This gorgeous schooner was built in Torrevieja, near Alicante in 1918, and launched one year later. Under different names, it was active for almost 80 years, until it was auctioned off, and bought by Barcelona’s Maritime Museum.

That purchase saw the museum posed with one of the most significant and difficult challenges it had ever faced, namely the recovery and restoration of a historical vessel, adhering to the strictest criteria in terms of the protection of cultural heritage.

You can now visit it on it’s mooring, in the Port Vell.

Here is some technical data:

Previous names: Carmen Flores (1919-1931)
Puerto de Palma (1931-1936)
Cala San Vicenç (1936-1975)
Sayremar Uno (1975-2000)
Santa Eulàlia (2001)
Year of construction: 1918
Probably launched on 14 January 1919
Shipyard: Astilleros Marí, in Torrevieja (Alicante)
Dead weight (maximum load): 190 tons
Displacement in service: 215 tons
Gross / net tonnage: 156 tons / 116 tons
Material of hull: Wood
Overall length: 34.6 m (47 m including the bowsprit and the boom)
Length between perpendiculars: 29.3 m
Maximum breadth: 8.5 m
Depth: 3,8 m
Maximum draught: 4.05 m
Surface area of sails: 526,4 m2
Number of sails: 12
Height of masts above deck: 27 m
Engine: Volvo Penta 367 CV (291.9 kW)
Current crew: 7 (captain plus 6 sailors)
Maximum no. of passengers: 30 people

The kiss

Just outside the museum I depicted yesterday, is the big beautiful magic fountain, of which I have so many hundreds of photos. Trying to put some order into that chaos, I stumbled upon this little gem. Enjoy! And please kiss someone in the next 10 minutes!

Smaller boats

Well, after the big boats I showed you lately, I have to say that this is much more my style!

Theme day: BIG!!!

Based in Barcelona, this is the MS Voyager of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship. It became the world’s largest cruise ship when it entered service in 1999 (for a while, anyway).
The numbers are amazing:

Tonnage: 137,276 GT (gross tonnage)
Length: 1,020 ft (310.90 m)
Beam: 156 ft (47.55 m)
Height: 63 m (206.69 ft)
Draft: 29 ft (8.84 m)
Decks: 15
Propulsion: 3 x 14 MW Azipod propulsion, two azimuthing, one fixed
Speed: 23.7-knot (44 km/h; 27 mph)
Capacity: 3,138 passengers[1]
Crew: 1,181 crew

There is pretty much everything you can think of on that ship, even an ice skating rink and a wedding chapel! Cost half a billion dollars, after all!
Just behind, you can make up Montjuic Hill, and Barcelona Castle.

Should you want to know more, click here.

This post is part of the September theme day.
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Vamos a la playa!

Well, another day with sweltering heat. What can you do? Too hot to move around a lot, too nice a day for a museum or an exhibition. Nothing really nice in the cinemas… What to do???

Oh yes, I got it: vamos a la playa!
Picture taken about an hour ago, in Sitges. The water, my friends, was pure bliss.

Port Vell Marina

Amongst the many urban regeneration plans the municipality here had to welcome the 1992 Olympics was the transformation of the Port Vell, or Old Port. Once an industrial waste site, full of rusting machines, ruined warehouses, chemicals all over the place, it is now one of the places you go on a weekend. Several cinemas, restaurant, the Maremagnum shopping mall, one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. All this on an purpose built artificial island. And, of course, the Marina. More about it here.

Barceloneta by the sea

Lat Sunday, I took a swallow. Yes. Spanish: una golondrina, which is one of those little boats you can take along the coast. Barcelona, seen from the sea.
This is Barceloneta beach, one of the most popular ones. We have here a long string of beaches, 7 or 8 of them, all along the town. You can’t really be far away from the next beach, which is very enjoyable! The beach was obviously very crowded, although the sky was kind of greyish-white, and the sea pretty choppy. I’ll show you a bit more in the next few days.
What you see in the back is the church in Tibidado. Will come back to this as well, some time soon. Stay tuned!

This picture’s got me thinking

Many things one could say about this picture…
Marine: got that sinking feeling
Philosophy, the french way: I sink, zerefore I am.
Musical: I’m sinking in the rain… I’m happy again

Anyway, you won’t see this kind of things… I mean: sinks, everyday! This photo was taken in a trendy restaurant in the Port Olympic.

Can you sink, think, of anysink else to say on that subject???
And sorry, these puns just don’t work with wash basin. Unless… any idea?
Photo courtesy of ML

Grandi Navi Veloci

Grandi Navi Veloci, big fast boats to Italy. Barcelona is an important ferry hub, boats to the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca, Minorca), to Italy (Genoa, Livorno, Sardegna, Civitavecchia, near Rome). Many cruise-ships stop here as well. And they are in fact really affordable, almost (but not quite) cheap. I will hopefully do the trip to Italy quite soon to eate la pizza, will show you the pictures, promised!
This picture was taken on Montjuic Hill, from Barcelona Castle. The guy at the canon is not me, and nobody shot anything or anyone from here for a long time. Ciao!

Walking on water

It was a very hot day, when we went to Perpinya (French: Perpignan), the other capital of Catalunya. Was watching that little girl stepping on the water, doing her best not to get wet. Or was she doing her best to actually get wet?
Perpinya, the former continental capital of the Kingdom of Mallorca, medium-sized, busy, not really much to see, but excellent for shopping those french delicacies you don’t get in Spain. I just needed my quince jelly, my paté and my creme de cassis! Oh yes, and some wine bien sur!

The Med in Collioure

Well, back from too short holidays north of the border, in what is not Spain anymore, but still in Catalunya. Collioure, a very lovely small port between mountains and sea, absolutely packed full with northern European and French tourists.
It was not really going abroad… Here in Barcelona, the 2 official languages are Spanish and Catalan. And in the northern part of Catalunya, they speak French and Catalan. Catalan will never be an official language in France, as the French government would never allow any language other than French. History of other languages and dialects, or even cultures in France is a long and very sad story. The big bad word is : assimilation.
But still, same culture, same food, same dances than in the Spanish part of Catalunya. I will tell you more about it during the next few days.

Amis d’outre-Pyrenées, désolé d’avoir empieté sur votre territoire!

Parque de la Ciutadella

A bit of history… This is the Ciutadella Park. Formerly a part of the Barcelona Citadel, the grounds were given to the city in 1869. The Park hosted the Universal Exhibition in 1888.
Today, you can find here 3 museums, the Parliament of Catalunya, the zoo, a military church, a giant mammoth near the Museum of Natural History, a boating lake, and a bandstand where you can find every sunday dozens of couples dancing the swing. And it’s just 5 minutes from the nearest beach!
It is the green lung of Barcelona, and a wonderful place to spend a few hours!

Is it a boy? Or is it a buoy???
You decide.
Anyway, you can find this, and others, in the old port, Port Vell.
The sailing boat, along with several more, was waiting for the raising of a pedestrian bridge, to be able to go to the moorings. Quite a spectacle for the tourists, who are luckily still coming, despite of the economic crisis. Barcelona’s tourist industry has been severely hit, so the papers say, but you wouldn’t think it, seing the crowds in town.
Well, what can I say: it is a beautiful town indeed!

Fons Magica

As I said yesterday, I went to see the Magic Fountain, on the foot of Montjuic Hill, on friday. 30 minutes of pure bliss! Water and light musical show, I had never seen anything like this before.
And I’m having a really hard time choosing a picture, out of the many many many I took! Here is one, hope you’ll like it. There are many more on my other blog, Robthefrog (in the sidebar…).

This picture was taken in one of the 2 cathedrals in Barcelona. No, not in Sagrada Familia, but in the old one, Santa Eulalia, in the Bari Gotic, the one that’s actually finished (even though they are revamping it right now).
There is a beautiful cloister in the compound, with a 14th century urinal, and some geese. Cool and shady place, a very welcome break from the heat in the summer.