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watery wednesday

Boy toy?


Kim’s Water World Wednesday meme is here.

Splish splash

A moment in the lifetime of a fountain…

Water World Wednesday


…in the fountain on San Filipo Neri square, 1/20 s, ISO 400, f/5.6, 450mm, aperture priority.

For Water World Wednesday, and Nature Footsteps.

The boat

Isn’t she pretty?

Water World Wednesday, right here.

It’s hot and thirsty weather

So, what can you do, when you’re a dog. You can either lay in the water, or drink it. Or both of course. Happy dogs, wish I could have done the same. I mean lay in the cool water…

Water World Wednesday, right here.

And don’t forget: it’s monthly Theme Day soon! Here‘s the link (not open yet). The theme is: people watching. On your cameras, go! See you all on September 1st!

Waterworld Catalunya

For Skywatch Friday

Beach time is back!!!

Very soon, instead of looking for a sunny spot to have a coffee, we will be shifting to a cold drink and some shadow. 27 degrees this coming weekend, yeah!!! Beach time, folks!


Pristine crystal pond

Red fish eyes a soaking bug

Splash, rippling, it’s gone

Water World Wednesday

In 1977, our local catalan architect Ricardo Bofill was asked to develop a new district in the french city of Montpellier. He designed Antigone in a striking greek neo-classical way, with huge columns, pilasters, pediments, etc. Of course, there are quite a few statues inspired by greek mythology. One of them is Poseidon, god of the sea and of earthquakes, making the waters rise.

I just realized that today was actually Wednesday… Was sure it was Tuesday. So, I will post this straight away.

This is for Kim’s Water World Wednesday.

Watery Wednesday

Not sure if Watery Wednesday will be on this week, but, hey, gotta nice watery photo, from northern Catalunya. So here we go! Have a look anyway, here. Or here, at Kim’s Water World Wednesday.

Watery Wednesday at the Cosmocaixa science museum

HA!Boys just love this!!!

What about you, girls?

Watery Wednesday, as every Wednesday.

Watery Wednesday in the sunken forest

Inside the Science Museum, there is a sunken forest, populated with fishes, birds, snakes, a capibara, etc…

 Watery Wednesday, right here.

Watery Wednesday in Horta

One of the many many beautiful features in the park, the reflecting pond behind the Duke’s neo-classical pavilion seen yesterday.

Watery Wednesday, right here.

Watery Wednesday…

…in Sitges, 30 km south of Barcelona, and not the Caribbean.
I know, it’s been my latest header photo for the last couple of days, but I couldn’t resist posting it for Watery Wednesday!

Watery Wednesday

Some mighty boats around… Not talking about this one, of course! Not even a helicopter pad…

Watery Wednesday, here.

Watery Wednesday

Couple of simple things you can do with your photos. For this, I used a small but nice program called Artizen. It is a HDR program, but you can use it for tonemapping single photos as well.

Watery Wednesday, right here.

Sad Watery Wednesday

An Italian ferry, anchored at Montjuic Hill.
This is dedicated to the victims of the Costa Concordia.
Watery Wednesday.

Watery Wednesday

The Debod temple park in Madrid, for Watery Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Mandy.

Watery Wednesday 168

One more photo of our Christmas trip to the north-eastern corner of France, for the weekly Watery Wednesday meme. With a bit of HDR, of course!

Water-Ill Wednesday

Strange title? No, not really. This is the river Ill, in my hometown of Strasbourg, Alsace, France. The Ill (yes, ill as in sick) is a sidearm of the mighty Rhine. We just spent Christmas there. Cold, but no snow unfortunately.
We will stay away from Barcelona on this blog for a bit longer, to show you something that has been happening in Strasbourg for a looooooooong time…

You know what to do now…. No?  Just click here.

Watery Wednesday

Close to freezing temperatures in the morning… So here’s a bit of summer!

Watery Wednesday as usual, right here.

Watery Wednesday

A beautiful lake in the mountains… Shot for Watery Wednesday, of course!

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday, right here.

Watery Wednesday

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just go fishing, instead of going to work or to school?

Watery Wednesday, right here.

Watery Wednesday in Connemarra

Still stuck at home, with a big stock of watery photos I’ve used before. So, let’s do a wee trip over to the very western part of Europe, the strikingly beautiful Connemarra, in Ireland, our old and beloved home. More photos from all around the world right here.

Watery Wednesday

Behind the greenery.

Please check all the lovely watery photos for this wednesday, here.

Watery Wednesday

Lots of cats living wild on Montjuic Hill. And they need to drink as well. Spotted this one on a very warm and sunny  afternoon, last sunday, just a few meters away from the Magic Fountain. A fine pussycat for a fine Watery Wednesday!


Bon voyage!

Many more watery pictures here.

Watery ABC WedNesday

I usually publish a water picture of some kiNd on wedNesdays, for 2sweetNsaxy’s Watery WedNesday meme. Let’s chaNge, and do somethiNg else as well this week. So there is a meme called ABC Wednesday, a photo a week ceNtered arouNd a letter. This week the letter N.

So let me show you this very Nice fouNtaiN in Ciutadella Park, Near the Arc de Triomf, a paNoramic view.

Walking on water?

Whilst watching the Barcelona Airshow last week, saw this guy just passing by.

Watery Wednesday 158

We got this extremely nice panorama-making program the other day. Here is one we did last sunday. 11 photos stitched together… Very happy about the result!!!

Watery Wednesday, have a look!

Watery Wednesday

One of the great things to do here…

This is for the weekly Watery Wednesday meme. Click here!

Watery Wednesday

Leaving Barcelona…. for about 90 minutes.

This is for  the Watery Wednesday meme. Click here to see more fabulous watery photos!

Wasting time…

Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come
Watching the ships roll in
And then I watch ’em roll away again, yeah

I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Wastin’ time

Thanks, Otis, you’re still the best!

Watery Wednesday, the place to be!

Watery Wednesday

Does anybody know what this type of fountain is called, if it has a specific name? Spotted it in the archetypical Spanish village in the Poble Espanyol a few weeks ago.
Whatever it is, it is for Watery Wednesday, right here.

Watery Andorran Wednesday

We went to Andorra last weekend, for the first time ever. And what an absolutely lovely little country this is! For those who don’t know, Andorra is a tiny principality (technically called a micro-state) in the Pyrenees Mountains, between Spain and France. Just over 400 square kilometers, 2 heads of state, the Bishop of Urgell in Spain and the french president, de facto princes of Andorra.
Mountains, water and duty free shopping. Will show you much more about it!
Oh yeah: as in Catalunya, the official language of the country is Catalan. Which means that Andorra is the only independent Catalan country in the world.

Click here to see more watery pictures for this Wednesday.

Watery temptation

August in Barcelona… Many many people spend hundreds (or thousands) of euros to be here now. As for us, the people actually living here, we’re just going to work, trying to escape the intense heat (over 41 degrees in the sun yesterday at 3 PM)  as much as possible… Going to the beach? Sure, in the evening!
Meanwhile, passing through Plaza de Catalunya, there are those temptingly cool looking fountains… Access forbidden, obviously. But if you go close enough,you can always enjoy a bit of the spray. Nice.

Watery Wednesday. Here.

With our longing thoughts to our friends and family in NZ, stuck in the snow. Guys, let’s swap for a day!

Watery Wednesday 152: liquid gold

A fountain,sunshine, a few drops, some ripples on the water… It’s a kind of magic!

Watery Wednesday: it’s magic!

Watery Wednesday: looking at the Big Blue

Watery Wednesday… Looking at the Big Blue Med from the Forum area, with a few lamps in the foreground for the happy yachtsmen and women.

Watery Wednesday

The lifeguard, keeping the Sitges coast line safe, in his red pants.

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Watery Wednesday

Had a nice afternoon at the beach. It was extremely windy! Perfect for sailing, surfing, windsurfing and fishes. Not so for swimming, as the yellow flag was raised first, then the red one.

Anyway, Watery Wednesday again. Lots of water on this photo!

Watery Wednesday 148

The boating lake in Ciutadella Park, for Watery Wednesday, in it’s 148th edition.

Watery Wednesday 147

Easter Monday in Sitges,.. It was a grey and windy day. But good enough weather for a couple of photos. Watery and windy ones, for Watery Wednesday of course!

Watery Wednesday

It is HOT!!! We’re having some hot air coming straight from the Sahara, and it’s been over 45 degrees in many parts of Spain. As we’re on the coast, we are getting a breeze from the sea. But still, yesterday Tuesday, we really got this feeling… You know, when you open the oven door, and the very hot air comes out. Basically, it is too hot to sweat.
So, the fountain on Plaza Catalunya nearby is extremely tempting!!!

Watery Wednesday! Check it out, and have a cool drink! We will!

Watery Wednesday 145

I went to France twice in the last 10 days. On my first trip, I somehow managed to forget my camera in Alsace, 1300 km from here. Well, good news: we were reunited today! Yeah!!!
So anyway, this photo was taken through a train window, the sundown over one of the inland seas in southern France, the ‘etangs”.
Many more to come! This one is for one of our favorite memes, Watery Wednesday. Just click here, you know you want it.

Watery Wednesday

Now there’s something else… The small port in the beautiful lebanese town of Sidon, or Saida, in Arabic. Had a fantastic lunch there, once.

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Watery Wednesday 143

One evening on the Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, coming back from the Magic Fountain. Can never take enough watery photos, I guess!
Many people ask me for details on the processing I use. Well, I use many many different programs, such as Adobe Photoshop CS4 (learning,that is), Adobe Lightroom, Artizen, Photomatix Pro (not that I am a pro!). What I use mostly, my favorite program, with it’s fantastic results in color and black and white, is Luminance HDR, aka Qtpfsgui, and, very simply, Picasa, or Gimp to do the fine-tuning. Most of these programs are free, you’ll find them easily.

Well, yep, once again: check here for more Watery Wednesday photos from so many people around the world!

Watery Wednesday 141

3 views of the same fountain/cascade on Montjuic Hill.
Yep, you’re right, it’s Watery Wednesday again! Just click here!

Watery Wednesday

W…ell, another Wednesday, a Watery one as usual. Still ‘levitating’, I came towards the high rise Westin hotel. Quite a new place, it opened a year ago, or so. Last time I was there, Shakira was filming one of her clips there, you might have seen it (forgot the title, not being a fan of the lady’s music). Right there, on this very beach.
I posted another picture of the Barcelona seafront, all of it, here, if you are curious (and it’s healthy, being curious!).

Watery Wednesday of course!!!

Watery Wednesday

An evening at the beach.

Watery Wednesday. Right here.


Another Wednesday, and here we go again: the (almost) weekly Magic Fountain shot. Click on the labels below to see more of the Magic Fountain.

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Watery Wednesday

One of our favorite oasis in town is the inner courtyard of the municipal archive, facing the Cathedral. A quiet and peaceful place, shady, watery…

Watery Wednesday, definitely another favorite place! You can go as well, just click here!

Watery Wednesday 136

Yet another picture of the Magic Fountain for this week’s Watery Wednesday. I don’t think we’ll ever grow tired of it!!!

Watery Wednesday

A seagull, taking the waters in Ciutadella Park, with his slightly more water-shy mate below.

Watery Wednesday again! Just click right here to see more!

Watery Wednesday

Detail of one of the fountains on Plaza Catalunya. They seem to celebrate the almost summery weather  forecast for the next 10 days here (at least). Friends from colder countries, now is the time to come!

Watery Wednesday, one of our top 10 weekly memes! Do yourself a favor, and click here!

Watery Wednesday

Came across, once again some bubble makers, some families with their kids, in Ciutadella Park. Would have loved blowing a giant bubble myself!

As usual, this is for Watery Wednesday. Come on, let yourself go, and just click!

Watery Wednesday 132

Weahey , it’s Wednesday again! Time for some watery photos. Here is one, just above, taken by Mandy. You want to see more? No problem, just click here! Don’t wait, do it just after leaving your comment! Thank you very much!

Watery Wednesday

Where are you going, what are you thinking about?

Watery Wednesday, here.

Watery Wednesday 130

A Golondrina at night. Even Golondrinas need to sleep, I suppose.

This is of course for one of our very favorite weekly memes, the one and only Watery Wednesday!

Our fellow Barcelona blogger Isabel, from isasfotoblog really likes this blog! So much that she gave us an award! Here it is:

Now, we have a few days to think about who we will pass it on. Stay tuned, folks!

Watery Wednesday

An afternoon at the beach, 2 days ago.

This is for Watery Wednesday, the ultimate weekly meme you just have to check out, right here!

Watery Wednesday

Silver and gold, one evening, with a very long lens, and some post processing.

Watery Wednesday, just click here!

Watery Wednesday 128

Some boats…

Watery Wednesday!

Watery Wednesday

A very familiar scene in the Port Vell, the old port (which is actually the new one… Don’t ask). I think the fishes actually wait for for the tourists to feed them. Hello, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov!

This, of course if for Watery Wednesday.

Watery Wednesday

Even during the winter… Watery Wednesday!

Watery Wednesday 125

A blue-eyed duck in Ciutadella Park. Watery Wednesday nr 125. Please click here, and… you’ll see!

Watery Wednesday 124

We’re having a ‘very cold spell’ (quote), temperature dropping and dropping and dropping to… minus 1 C, or 30F. Told you I was quoting the weatherman! Anyway, these critters must love it!

Well, it’s water, it’s Wednesday… Yes, it’s WATERY WEDNESDAY!!! Click here, and gaze in wonder. Go on, could be the best time in your day!

And don’t forget tomorrow’s Food for Thoughts meme!

Watery Wednesday 123

When the Barcelona World Race was here at the end of last year, there was this artificial pool where small and big kids could play with model replicas of the boats. These kids seem to have fun!

This is for Watery Wednesday in it’s 123rd edition. Please click here as usual to see other blogger’s photos.

And don’t forget your weekly appointment with Thursday’s Food for Thoughts!

Watery Wednesday

The fountain on Rossio Square in Lisbon.
Some of you asked for more photos from the Mousteiro dos Jeronimos, St Jerome’s monastery. We’ll show you more soon, most probably this weekend.

This, meanwhile, is for one of our favorite memes, Watery Wednesday. Please click here as usual to see more.

Watery Wednesday 120

This is for Watery Wednesday, episode 120, a very cool meme coordinated by 2sweetnsaxy. Click here

… and for Outdoor Wednesday as well.

And of course… Click here to see the BIGGEST CAGANER IN THE WORLD EVER!!!

Watery Wednesday 119

A boat, sunshine, some friends….. Happiness.

This said, the weather forecast for today is 16 degrees (61F), with light drizzle, which is 41 degrees C or 74 degrees F more than me old mate Erik has in Sweden. Don’t put ice in your whiskey, Erik!

This is, as usual, for Watery Wednesday. Please click here for some more enchanting photos.

And don’t forget our new weekly meme, Thursday’s Food for Thoughts, starting tomorrow!

Watery Wednesday 118

The Golondrinas, Spanish for swallows, are waiting for you!

This is for Watery Wednesday. Please click here to see more.

And don’t forget tomorrow’s new meme, Thursday’s Food for Thoughts. Any photo about food welcome, be it food itself, food places, anything goes! See ya all tomorrow!

Watery Wednesday

Watery fun in Ciutadella Park.

This is for Watery Wednesday. Please click here to see more photos of participants.

As you can see in the sidebar, we will start a new meme this Thursday. You know memes: Skywatch Friday, Watery Wednesday, etc. Well, this one is called Thursday’s Food for Thoughts. Anything about food, any type of food, real food, food for thoughts… You are all very welcome to it!

Watery Wednesday

Reflections on a mountain river.

This is for Watery Wednesday. Please click here to see more.

Amongst other news… The Unesco, meeting in Nairobi, has declared the catalan human towers, castells, an intangible world heritage! They did the same with flamenco dancing and singing, and… FRENCH CUISINE!

Sant Adria

Where does the mountain end, where does the sky start… This are the 3 chimneys, symbol of Sant Adria de Besos, small town just north of Barcelona. Water, sky, clouds… Everything seems watery.
And yes, the thinggie on the right is a giant solar panel.

You probably guessed it if you follow this blog, this is, as pretty much every Wednesday, for Watery Wednesday. Please click right here, right now to visit the many other blogs doing the same thing today, posting a watery photo.

Watery Wednesday 112

This is, as every wednesday, for Watery Wednesday. Please click here to see more photos.

Watery Wednesday 111

Been a while… From the archives, one of our old favorites, the Magic Fountain near Plaza de Espana.

As usual, this is for Watery Wednesday 111. Please click here if you want to be totally flabbergasted!

Watery Wednesday 110

This is for Watery Wednesday 110. Please click here to see more watery and wonderful photos!

Watery Wednesday 109

Mangroves (I suppose) growing in the lake in Ciutadella Park.

This is for Watery Wednesday 109. Please click right here and right now to see more wonderful pictures full of water!

And once again, sorry about not browsing many of your blogs lately,  as I am extremely tired at the moment.

Watery Wednesday 108

Can you understand why Ciutadella Park is one of my favorite places in Barcelona?

This is for Watery Wednesday 108. Please click right here, right now, to see more wonderful photos!


Today, September 29th, general strike in Spain and in many other European countries. Here is this morning’s BBC article about it:

The Spanish government has approved an austerity budget for 2011 which includes a tax rise for the rich and 8% spending cuts.
Madrid has promised European counterparts to cut its deficit to 6% of its gross domestic product (GDP) next year, from 11.1% last year.
Government workers face a pay cut of 5%, starting in June, and salaries will then be frozen for 2011.
A tax rise of 1% will be applied to personal income above 120,000 euros.
Smaller savings include an end to a 2,500-euro cash payout for new mothers, known as “baby cheques”.
Unemployment has more than doubled – to about 20% – since 2007.

Although sympathizing with the strikers, this blog is open for business. So, here is today’s Watery Wednesday post. Ciutadella Park, our magnificent fountain

As usual, click here to see more photos for this Watery Wednesday nr 107.

Watery Wednesday

It is Watery Wednesday again, with some really clear water. Please click here to see more watery photos.

Watery Wednesday

This is Venice, Italy, last winter. High tide on Piazza di San Marco. This lady seemed to enjoy it! The other one not so much.

Ésta es Venecia, Italia, el invierno pasado. Alta marea en la Piazza di San Marco. ¡Esta señora parecía gozar de él! La otra no tanto.

Maree haute sur la place Saint Marc a Venise, l’hiver dernier. Une des dames a l’air de bien s’amuser, l’autre pas trop. Eh oui, ca mouille et c’est froid, Madame.

Marea alta sulla Piazza di San Marco, Venezia. Una delle signore sembra contentissima, l’altra no.
Hochwasser auf der Piazza di San Marco in Venedig. Die erste Dame findet das alles sehr lustig, die andere scheint nasse Fuesse zu haben.

Esta é Veneza, Italy, no inverno passado. Maré elevada em Praça di San Marco. Esta senhora pareceu apreciá-la! Outra não tanto.

Αυτό είναι Βενετία, Ιταλία, τον περασμένο χειμώνα. Υψηλή παλίρροια στο τετράγωνο σημαδιών Αγίου. Αυτή η κυρία φάνηκε να τον απολαμβάνει! Άλλο το ένα όχι τόσο μεγάλο μέρος.

Watery Wednesday 105. Please click here to see more watery pictures.

Watery Wednesday

You see it? Yep, that’s mine. Care for a little boat trip, darling?

¿Cuál es el nuestro, querido?

On va ou, cherie?

Wo soll’s hingehen,Schnuckipuss?

Querida, onde vamos?

This is for Watery Wednesday 104. Please click here to see more watery photos.

Watery Wednesday

Barcelona seafront on a warm summer evening. Must be 8.30 PM, probably the best moment of the day for a swim. Going there tonight.

As every wednesday, this is for Watery Wednesday, episode 102. Please click right here to see more participating pictures.

Watery Wednesday

The water seems to jump of joy!

This is for Watery Wednesday 101. Please click right here to see more photos from the participants to this meme.

Watery Wednesday 100!

Some fishes in the remarquably clear waters in the Port Vell.

This is for Watery Wednesday, episode 100, yeah! Click here to see more.

After 5 weeks going through a hospital, plumbing problems, no internet, a house change, and so on, we’re finally back! Slowly though. My health is improving steadily, but there are still some bad days. At least, I sleep at night now, and not just for 2-3 hours. Sleep, what a wonderful thing!
So, we’ll be catching up with your blogs in the next couple of days, curious to see what marvels you produced lately!

Watery Wednesday 98

Been a while since I post anything from the Magic Fountain in Montjuic… Enjoy! This is one of the main things you CANNOT MISS, when you’re next in Barcelona! You can get an idea of the size of the fountain by watching the people in the foreground: it is huge!

Watery Wednesday 98 already!

Watery Wednesday 97

The fishes swimming around in the old port really love tourists and passers by! They seem to follow you, waiting to be fed. At least, it means that the waters are clean.

This is for Watery Wednesday 97. Click here to see more!

Watery Wednesday nr 96

OK. Let us assume for a moment that YOU (yes: YOU) are absolutely and utterly filthy rich (and we hope it is true). YOU obviously have several luxury super yachts all around the world, but can’t use all of them (what’s  the use for a yacht in Barcelona when YOU live in the Seychelles???).

Obviously, having spent an enormous amount of money on your toy, YOU don’t want it to get dusty. So, this is the ideal solution for every yacht-owning housewife: a dust cover, duh!!!

The wonderful world of Watery Wednesday! Don’t know it yet, have a look! Know it already? Have a look anyway!

Watery Wednesday

An archive photo about our holidays in the north, in July last year.
I am mending, did even sleep a bit last night!

This is for Watery Wednesday, episode 95.  


Barceloneta, or little Barcelona.

La Barceloneta is a neighborhood in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona. The neighborhood was constructed during the 18th century for the residents of the Ribera neighborhood who had been displaced by the construction of the Ciudadela of Barcelona. The neighborhood is roughly triangular, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Muelle de España of Port Vell and the El Born neighborhood. The neighborhood is serviced by its own stop on the Barcelona metro. Torre Sant Sebastià is the terminus of the Port Vell Aerial Tramway (better known as the cable car) opened in 1931 and connecting Barceloneta with Montjuïc across Port Vell.

Barceloneta beach gained status as the best urban beach in the World and total third best beach in the World, according to the documentary film “Worlds Best Beaches” produced by Discovery Channel in 2005. And even Miguel Cervantes talks about it in book 2 of The man of la Mancha. Although I have to say, being almost incredibly crowded, it is not our favorite beach in Barcelona.

Watery Wednesday

Another picture from last week’s fountain in Parque Guell.

The 92nd Watery Wednesday  already! Have a look here!

Watery Wednesday nr 91

It is raining, which means that we have our very own watery wednesday here in Barcelona.

Photo taken in Parque Guell, A small fountain near the entrance, designed by Gaudi.

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Watery Wednesday

Barcelona’s mighty flying dolphin squad, Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Watery Wednesday

Down at the old port.

This is for Watery Wednesday nr 87. Please click here, you’ll see many more beautiful pictures.

Watery Wednesday

Thirsty? These public fountains are everywhere here as, despite of an almost scottish type of weather recently, it can be extremely hot here!

This is for Watery Wednesday. To see photos of other participants, please click here.

Watery Wednesday

This is a photo of the water flowing on the walls of a big transparent box containing an old piano, a piano stool, an umbrella and other assorted items. Art.

The big bad icelandic ash cloud came to visit us yesterday, and everything disappeared in a brown haze, but today is a sunny, Watery Wednesday again! Click here to see photos from other participants.


Catalan recipe of the week

1 lb flour
3/4 lb sugar
3/4 lb marzipan
1 cup milk
1/3 lb of thickening agent
1/3 lb almonds toasted
Lemon rind, grated
A little cinnamon

The marzipan is made in the traditional way, mixing the egg whites, almonds and icing sugar. Next mix the flour with the sugar, add the milk and the marzipan. Knead with the hands and gradually add the thickening agent, the almonds, the grated rind and cinnamon.
Roll out the dough mixture on greaseproof paper on a baking tray, and place in the oven at 150ºC for about 15 minutes. Then remove and cut the mixture into strips two centimetres wide, glaze with the egg yolk and return to the oven until it turns golden.

Watery Wednesday

Participating today at 2sweetnsaxy’s Watery Wednesday.
The Norwegian Jade in Barcelona. In front, the tiny one is a Golondrina, Spanish for swallow, one of the little boats you can take to go around the port, or along the Barcelona beaches.

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And by the way, hope you like the new ‘summer layout’!

Watery wednesday

One of the gryphons in Ciutadella Park.
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