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For the right to choose



CDP monthly theme day: a shop window


A shop for people who like cooking in their underwear, I suppose… Not a very good idea, no no no.

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That’s all, folks!

Unable to upload photos, WordPress won’t let me… Anyway, this time it is final, this is the end of this blog. 18 months that i left BCN, 6 months in Amsterdam,  a bit in Morocco, 1 month in Macedonia, almost a year in France, soon leaving again, this time to the UK… It is time to call it a day, a very final day, as I don’t have the time, nor the energy,  to carry on. Hope you all enjoyed my 1928 post and even more photos!!!


A bicyclette…


Promised, this is really my last bike photo! I just couldn’t resist, I just love this photo!

The post title refers to an old Yves Montand song…

A night in town


American soda


Time for a break


BDP is taking a break! See you soon!



What the f..k is this, asked someone. No trace of an answer… Do you know what it is???

Year 7


I almost forgot!!! 6 years than I’ve been doing this blog! Year 7 starts tomorrow. What can I say? Note to myself, quoting british TV from the 70es: CARRY ON, ROB!!!

Although I am not living in BCN anymore (sigh), I have enough photos to last me quite a few years!

With a little help…


Donations needed, at the local hospital. In 1785, for the poor.

So many people need help around you. Any help. Who did you help today?

One shoe each!


Something for you in there?

Skywatch Friday


Skywatch Friday, today in the north, aka the south of France. Many more sky photos to be seen here.

Billion dollar view…


A lot of big fancy yachts in Barcelona… One of them is said to be worth 1 billion dollars…

Skywatch Friday, well…this week on Saturday


Skywatch Friday is here.

Enjoying a quiet evening


Do you?


Sitting bull


Why so pensive, mighty one? What are you thinking about?

Blood and sweat…


… and maybe some tears. What is your tattoo, and did it hurt???


Ageing: the giant bubbles!


Oh the joy in the kid’s face.


Ageing: Daddy’s here to protect me!


Carrying on with this month’s City Daily Photo’s theme day.

Post 1800


Some flowers, just for you.

The wooden goat


As I couldn’t find or take a photo of a wooden goat, here is one I took in the year of the rabbit. Happy chinese new year of the wooden goat!

Even in a big city…


More weekend reflections here.



Sometimes… Very rarely, we have this…mist coming out of nowhere. Magical mist. And sometimes, very rarely, we can see the lost city of Atlantis. A flicker of the eye, and it’s gone again…



It snowed last night in the hills surrounding Barcelona! Seriously! Happens now and then. It is predicted that the snow will fall downtown later today!

Archive photo from 2009.

The contender


Yesterday was the City Daily Photo family’s monthly theme day, what would I miss most from Barcelona. Well, I’ve already left, living in the snowy north-east of France now. This photo above came as a close contender… Barcelona is also about food, local catalan food, spanish food (tapas and so on), but also international food. You get it all here, from a french fondue to a fusion of peruvian and japanese food, kebabs galore, donuts, thai, the list is endless. Noticeable are fried kids, or barbecued korean… All seen on some badly translated menus.


Monthly theme day: what would… Oh look, there is Superman on the roof!


What would you miss most, should you have to leave the city where you are blogging from? Not an easy one, so many things come to mind. Would it be the beaches, would it be the culture scene, coffee, the 100-odd museums in town? No, no a single thing, but rather all of them combined in what I would call the spirit of Barcelona, the sheer cheerful craziness of the place. As I’m not living there anymore, I perfectly know what I miss.

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A naked woman riding an unicorn?


I KNEW IT! I wasn’t high, didn’t have to much coffee! I swear I saw that naked chick on the funny horsey! Here is the proof!



Carrying on with my little series about art in Barcelona. While I was taking this photo, an elderly gent standing next to me commented: loco, crazy.What would you had answered? I told him: loco, pero bueno, crazy but good.


Dear colleagues…


Some of my former colleagues in Barcelona were kind of scary… Fun, but… yeah, scary.

Arc de Triumf


This is Barcelona!


A few mates, a cool drink… How would you enjoy your trip to Barcelona? You’re coming, right?!
Oh, and bring your water gun!

Monday Murals


A mural in Pararel. Linking to Oakland Daily Photo.



The crooked ‘tower’ on Barceloneta beach

Good day


Tomorrow, a sunny day in town, 16 degrees. Ideal for a stroll on the beach. And why not a bit of lunch in the sun!



By Francisco Javier Olea

Long live Charlie!

Bon any 2558!


Special wishes to Thailand, for they have the year 2558 over there! Guys, we’re so living in the past!

Let me introduce myself…


That’s me allright! Wishing ya’all a hippy new year!

Assemblea del Raval


The Assemblea del Raval is, as far as I know, a group fighting for what makes life good in the Raval. An anarchist group, but let not the cliche frighten you. Just just ordinary people, trying to make life good for themselves, and their neighbors.

Best of 2014, part 2

Best of 2014 2

And now for the vertical photos. Again, please click for a much better viewing experience.

Best of 2014… Part 1, the horizontals.

best of 2014 1

Like every year, here comes the time to choose the best shots of the year.

Like every year, this is so hard.

Like every year, a sample of my favourites. Starting with the horizontal photos. Which is your favourite one?

You will want to click on the photo(s) for a better view.

Benvinguts a Circ Raluy, let’s be kids again!


The Circus Raluy, in town from 28th november 2014 to 1st march 2015 !

Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don’t take anything too seriously, it’ll all work out in the end.
David Niven

Now this is Christmas


Bones festes!


Happy Christmas to everybody!

The out-of-towner


An Andalus in Catalunya,



I am originally from Strasbourg, France. Now and then, I like seeing things reminding me of home. Even though I am not a beer drinker.
A fish restaurant in the Boqueria market


Sandwich, pinxos, caipirinha


Friendly guy at the entrance of the Boqueria market.

Shadow play in the cathedral



The Werewolf Rock!



Once in a blue moon



The alternative house on the Rambla del Raval

A country divided by El Clásico!!!

I always prepare my post in advance, the evening before usually, ready to go online at midnight. It is now 3.15 PM on saturday.
In a few hours, the fever will break out in Spain. Football fever! World’s best team, the Football Club Barcelona (the Barca) will play against the Real Madrid, the capital’s main team.
In Spain, you can support many different teams, Valencia, Getafe, Real Madrid, etc. Not here in Catalunya. Here, you only support the Barca, nobody else. Well, there might be some lost Spaniards supporting other teams, but no Catalans!

Right. Who will win? Last time, Madrid lost 5:0…

Now… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this as well! It is the other version of this post, as seen by our friend Ashleigh and her family, in Madrid

No, it is not the real Messi!
May the best team win!  
Sunday morning, update: Madrid, 1, Barca,3.


We are boiling. Literally. It is extremely hot, specially after leaving the air-conditioned office where I spend too many hours every day and week. 
So,here is one I posted before, the worst snow storm to hit Barcelona in 50 years. 5 cm, 2 inches of snow!!! Incredible!
Having a cool drink now. Enjoy the snow!

Watery Wednesday

It is HOT!!! We’re having some hot air coming straight from the Sahara, and it’s been over 45 degrees in many parts of Spain. As we’re on the coast, we are getting a breeze from the sea. But still, yesterday Tuesday, we really got this feeling… You know, when you open the oven door, and the very hot air comes out. Basically, it is too hot to sweat.
So, the fountain on Plaza Catalunya nearby is extremely tempting!!!

Watery Wednesday! Check it out, and have a cool drink! We will!

Airy Barcelona!!!

A too rare glimpse of Barcelona, around 4.45 PM last Saturday, just before landing at Prat airport. The strange reflections in the water come from the sun playing on the glass walls of the W hotel, aka the sail, la vela. Click on the picture to see it bigger, it is worth it!

This is for My World Tuesday (yes, this is our world!). Please click here to see much more!

Merce 2010, the Hispano-Suiza

Closing the parade on friday was this fascinating Hispano-Suiza, probably from the late 1920es-early 1930es. Hispano-Suiza was a car company founded in Barcelona in 1904, making luxury cars. Here is what Wiki says to it.
Who’s the guy saluting? Your guess is as good as mine.

Different worlds?

Did a bit of window shopping lately, and I came across these 2 very different mannequins. The first one was in some trendy alternative shop in the popular part of the old town…

… and the second one is the latest trend from Chanel, on Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona’s Champs Elizees. Yep, topless.
Which one would you prefer?

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First blogaversary

One year ago, on May 10th 2009, that’s when we started this adventure. 365 posts later (this being the 366th), still going strong, with plenty more things to show you!

Some numbers maybe…
365 days, 365 posts, we did not miss one day!
289 friendly followers.
21.982 visitors so far, 3100 of them frequent.
4/10 ranking on Google.
Over 6000 Barcelona photos in our database.
Many new friends!

It has been a great year!

Well, this is the cake Mandy made for this special day, diet or no diet!


…as seen from the top of Montjuic Castle, yesterday afternoon.

Houston, we have a problem! Blogger has some problems, can’t see any of your posts.


The Parque Guell, 17ha or 42 acres, was originally meant as a city. As every city, it has a main square, with a fantastic view over the city and the Med.
And there is a public bench. Just one. Well, it is the longest in the world, 826 meters, half a mile. The bench is in the shape of a sea snake, and decorated with broken tiles, in a technique known as trencadis. Here is a view of a part of it.

And some more detailled views of the tiles.

Quelque vues du banc de 826 m de long en forme de serpent de mer sur la grand place du parc Guell. Entierement decore de bouts de mosaique casses, il s’agit d’une technique nommee trencadis.
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