Barcelona, a photo a day

RAW photos

Post 1879


SOOC post, for once. What do you use, which programs, for editing your photos?

Port Vell


Many ways to see the old port.


What is your favorite?


Or maybe the original, SOOC?


Playing with light


Now and then, I like playing around with old photos, mainly with Adobe Lightroom (not a Photoshop fan, me) and with NIK filters. What do you think? Are you rather a SOOC -Straight Out Of the Camera- fan?

The Sagrada Familia church seems so close to the beach… Well it isn’t, it is well inland.

Old dog…


… but still learning new tricks.
I mean on Adobe Lightroom, not the one with the 4 balls and the sardines… Don’t ask.
Photo taken on a Barcelona-bound ferry.

And don’t forget on sunday the City Daily Photo theme day, all about aging.

And for once, here is the original shot:


Sailing away… Rule of thirds

2014_01_19_3150 Fed up with┬áBarcelona? Easy: just take a ferry to Italy, Africa, the balearic islands (Ibiza…)… Many nice places out there! In 24 hours, after cruising the Med, you can be in, for example, Livorno. Nice place. 20 km further (by land), you could have a pizza in Pisa, just next to the leaning tower. And I swear: you cannot beat an italian pizza!!!!! Buonissime pizze italiane!!!

Shooting into the sun

I love shooting into the sun! The results can be quite unexpected. This was around 9PM, sun going down. The photo is as I took it, just downsized to fit this window.


One of my great pleasures is to walk around town, in places I’ve been soooo often, and discover new details. And also to imagine how the photo could like after a bit of reworking. Here the original photo.

Shooting into the sun 2

Skywatch Friday, more sky photos right here.

Weekend reflection

Once again, I’ve been playing around with a good half a dozen programs, to rearrange a bit this old photo. Quite happy about the result.

Some more weekend reflections here.


Been playing around with Picasa and other programs. This is what came out, after a few minutes fiddling.

I was standing far behind you…

…but I had my long zoom with me…

News. According to ‘Forbes’ magazine, Barcelona is the happiest city in Europe, and the 3rd happiest city in the world, after Rio de Janeiro and Sydney…… Aren’t you happy wherever you live?

Playing around

A combination of several programs, HDR, little planet and so on. This was originally a view of the old port, or Port Vell

Ciutadella park, the winter garden

Oh the joys of HDR…

Pose for the cause

Pretty model, even if the guy behind her doesn’t seem to agree.

HDR photography

I have been meddling with HDR for a while now, even though I really don’t have the time to really learn it, read the books or websites. So basically, I am learning it the hit and miss way. Here is a detail of a church in the old town. Hit or miss?


Been learning a lot lately about High Definition Range photography, aka HDR and ARW. Just playing around really for the moment. Anyway, pigeons on Plaza de Catalunya.


We forget easily that Barcelona is still a working fishing port. Here is one of the rare remaining working boats.

My Bar

Well, not really mine, or ours, just a nice place to have a drink. With a bit of HDR.

Watery Wednesday

Couple of simple things you can do with your photos. For this, I used a small but nice program called Artizen. It is a HDR program, but you can use it for tonemapping single photos as well.

Watery Wednesday, right here.

Night lights

Some more lights in the night… There had to be a Christmas tree on Plaza Catalunya!

It’s the weekend!

As the weather is very nice, 20 degrees (68 F), sun, I went to a short walk in the park, with my camera.

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