Barcelona, a photo a day


Things you can see on the streets…

…of Madrid.

So what’s the news then?

Not Barcelona, but Plaza de Espana in Madrid, last time Mandy had to go there.

Who let the elephants out?

Watery Wednesday

The Debod temple park in Madrid, for Watery Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Mandy.


Smurf names in different languages

France: Schtroumpf
Spain: Los Pitufos
Catalonia: Barrufet
Netherlands: De Smurfen
Belgium: De Smurfen or Les Schtroumpfs
Germany: Schlumpf
Italy: Puffo or Puffi
Portugal: Estrumpfe
Greece: Stroumfakia
Turkey: Pirinler
Finland: Smurffi
Sweden: Smurferna
Iceland: Strumpar
Denmark: Smolf
Norway: Smolf
Poland: Smerf
Hungary: Torpikek
Japan: Sumafu
China: Lan jing ling
Israel: Ha – Dardasim
Czechoslovakia: šmoulové (plural) or šmoula (singular)

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday.
Photo courtesy of Mandy

The insider look

Now, have you ever been inside a Christmas tree? This is what the big one on Madrid’s Plaza del Sol, sun square, looks like.
And here is the same, from outside.

Photos courtesy of Mandy, who was there on Tuesday.

El Pabellon del Espejo

We spent the day in Madrid on Thursday, and we came across this very nice cafe, the pabellon del espejo, or mirror pavillion, near Plaza Colon.

A country divided by El Clásico!!!

I always prepare my post in advance, the evening before usually, ready to go online at midnight. It is now 3.15 PM on saturday.
In a few hours, the fever will break out in Spain. Football fever! World’s best team, the Football Club Barcelona (the Barca) will play against the Real Madrid, the capital’s main team.
In Spain, you can support many different teams, Valencia, Getafe, Real Madrid, etc. Not here in Catalunya. Here, you only support the Barca, nobody else. Well, there might be some lost Spaniards supporting other teams, but no Catalans!

Right. Who will win? Last time, Madrid lost 5:0…

Now… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this as well! It is the other version of this post, as seen by our friend Ashleigh and her family, in Madrid

No, it is not the real Messi!
May the best team win!  
Sunday morning, update: Madrid, 1, Barca,3.


We spent just over 24 hours in Madrid 2 weeks ago, together with the Pope (who we only saw on TV). These are a few impressions from this last World Youth day, and other stuff.

A ham museum, the Barcelona Football Club doll, some catholic pilgrims, some things you can see or buy in Madrid…..