Barcelona, a photo a day



I have been invited by my blog ‘mate’ from Perth, Australia (officially the middle of nowhere ;-)) Grace,  the author and creator of the Perth Daily Photo blog to enter, as she has, the Travel Supermarkets Capture the Colour photography contest.  Each entry posts five photographs featuring the colors red, blue, yellow, green and white.  In addition you then invite five other bloggers to participate.  So here are my five images starting with….


Now to invite 5 bloggers who may or may not choose to join the contest…
– Cezar, Leia and Luna, from Bonjour Luxembourg
– Genie, from Paris and Beyond
– Anjoe, from Anjoe Playhouse
– Steffen, from Stuttgart Daily Photo.

Actually, we’re inviting all of you to participate. If you’re lucky (and fast!), you could win something nice!

About the photos. Blue was taken not in the Caribbean,  but in Sitges, 30 km south of Barcelona, Spain. All other photos were taken here, Red on the Ramblas, in one of the many flower shops, yellow in the Clot area, near Torre Agbar, white during the 2011 Gay Pride, and green on Montjuic Hill.

And also welcome to visitor 180.001!

This as well is part of Our world Tuesday, full of colors!

And some more night lights…

Blue is definitely the dominant color on Plaza Catalunya at night!

Theme of the month: the color green

Someone’s window to a secret garden in the old town.

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For a lot of very ‘good’ reasons, I’m not allowed this kind of food anymore, I am suppose to eat healthy food, salads and stuff, no salt, no this, no that. But I love it!!! So, this is a bit of nostalgia… Passed delights… OK, let’s have a raw carrot for dinner!

This is my World on Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and all the other days as well.

Lady in red

Saw this lady in red, with dog, in a fashion shop near the cathedral. Wouldn’t you ladies want a dress made of roses?

Catalan Blue

If I had to define the “natural” color of Barcelona, and generally Catalunya, I would choose this fantastically rich blue you can find everywhere here. This is another door, in a small village just north of Barcelona, along the coast. I think it is the door at number 69.
What would be the defining color of wherever you live?

La isola di Burano

Near Venice, in the laguna, is the very beautiful island called Burano, famous for it’s lace. Now, you know that this blog is rather colorful… Here are some more colors for everybody to enjoy!


Feet was last month’s theme. Well, I took this picture 3 weeks later. I was coming up from some museum’s underground, and that’s what I saw. Hope you like it as much as I do! My blog is pretty colourful, but I really like black and white as well. More of this later.

White shop

It is official: we are having a heatwave. It is very very hot here.
And what do you do when you are hot? You dress light, and … white. You can see now more and more of these ”white shops””, where everything they sell is white. Nice.
And no, you can’t buy the plants. They are not white. And the lady in the back might be this guy‘s wife, who knows (one of my earliers posts).

Where is our blogger?

This blog is about Barcelona. But, in many ways, it is also a blog about freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of thinking, of movement, freedom of vote, just simply freedom.
Amir, a fellow blogger from Tehran, has disappeared because he dreamed of freedom. The CDP community has set today aside to raise awareness about what is going on in Iran, about what happens to freedom.
Suppressing ideas has never been a successful way to make them go away.
Green, not only the color of Islam, but also the color of hope.
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First and foremost: thanks again for all your birthday wishes!!! Love it!

I took this picture a few months back, in Ciutadella Park. I loved the sheer elegance of the gesture! And what better way to celebrate the first summer day than with… colors!