Barcelona, a photo a day


Are you looking at me???


…or am I looking at you? Did you bring something to eat? Is it in your bag? Don’t you think it smells fishy here? I love the smell of fish in the morning!

Into the blue…

Barcelona has a very fine zoological garden, inside Ciutadella park. Many people specially come to see the dolphins dancing.

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You looking at me??!!!

Me??? I wouldn’t dare!!!

Our world Tuesday? Yes! And also Mandarin Orange Monday.

Watery Wednesday 124

We’re having a ‘very cold spell’ (quote), temperature dropping and dropping and dropping to… minus 1 C, or 30F. Told you I was quoting the weatherman! Anyway, these critters must love it!

Well, it’s water, it’s Wednesday… Yes, it’s WATERY WEDNESDAY!!! Click here, and gaze in wonder. Go on, could be the best time in your day!

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Thursday’s Food for Thoughts nr 7

Feeding time… Big guys need a lot of food!

This is the 7th edition of the weekly Thursday’s Food for Thoughts meme. Please feel free to post any even remotely food related photos. This meme is as always open till Saturday night, Spanish time.
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Watery Wednesday

Barcelona’s mighty flying dolphin squad, Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Zoological museum

Let’s stay in the Ciutadella area a little longer.
Among other nice buildings in the Park, there is the zoological museum. And you can have an idea of the content of the museum even before entering it!

Oh yes, I just added the possibility to either send a free ecard of our pictures, or even to buy some prints! Don’t hesitate!


One of the many many peacocks roaming freely through Barcelona zoo. This is from my archives. Can’t believe we took over 5000 photos in 15 months!


To stay a bit longer on a aquatic theme, one of the friendly dolphins in Barcelona zoo.

Big Boy!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of Snowflake, who was the only albino gorilla ever seen. Well, Snowflake died 6 years ago, but he had 35 kids (yet, thirty five). And they also had kids. None of them is white, but this grandson of his is an absolutely beautiful silverback. What a beauty!
I’m 6 foot 3, 1m87 tall. But that little guy, even though he was 15 meters away (and behind some strong glass), literally dwarfed me. You have to see him to get a measure of the incredible power emanating from him. I don’t know his name, unfortunately. Let’s call him Big Boy.

Yet another BIG picture!!!


At work, I’m dealing mainly, but not only, with companies in the UK. Therefore, as it is a Bank Holiday there today, instead of going to work, I went to the zoo with my wife. Nice, innit?

We saw many wonderous and amazing beasts today. 2 white peacocks, a hippo the size of a large pig, big sleeping cats, an empty wolf enclosure (which is rather worrying. Where are they, roaming the streets of our fair city?), a gigantic gorilla, this one not made of chocolate, dancing and flying dolphins. And so on and so forth. Despite of our deepest longings, we decided, my wife and myself, not to set all the animals free. This time.

I obviously took too many photos, as usual.

But I’d like to show you this one, just some simple flowers on a wall.
And OK, I confess: as the day was grey and dull, the light being a bit too white, I played a bit around with the picture. To put a bit of color into a grey day, and into my blog.

Coolest place in town!

Yep, another tropical day here. Wish I could share the pool with the seals, but then, I suppose the wardens wouldn’t be too happy about it. Going to the beach instead, with 2 tons of suncream. Will be returning crisp on the outside, but soft inside, as a roast chicken ought to be. Hasta la vista!
And happy July 4th to all of you in or from the States!

Barcelona zoo

The Barcelona Zoo holds several dolphins in a big aquarium with windows. Several times a day, there is a half an hour show, very popular!
It seems the dolphins are having even more fun then the onlookers, as they eagerly crowd the windows to look at … us.

Barcelona zoo! A very restless bear, just walking in circles in his small enclosure. Until… Until people started throwing him food, despite of the signs (do not feed…). One big happy bear!