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It’s theme day again, on the City Daily Photo portal! Summer is coming (in the northern hemisphere anyway), so let get stylish!
2 stylish people in a stylish car, bliss! Click here to see more photos on this theme.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

If you are lucky enough to be in Sitges in 2 weeks, you will enjoy the floral festivities. The whole city is covered with living carpets made of hundreds of thousands flowers. This year, it will be on the 6th and 7th of June. Don’t miss it!



…on a theme of Paganini. This is what he was playing, on a blue violon. By Rachmaninoff, originally for piano and orchestra. He gave it his own twist, a difficult task, more Jean Luc Ponty than music school style. It was cool, he was cool. The beach-addicts in Sitges just threw him a passing glance.

Hi neighbor


Friendly but shy moggie in the neighborhood.

Doggy in the lamplight!


How much for the doggy in the window?

The Mont Roig Cafe

A very popular place in Sitges, 30 km south of Barcelona. A respite from the heat, and a salon for ladies who talk.

Pride. Catalunya. Cheers.

You might recognize the bat… You can find it on every bottle of Bacardi rum. Well… It is a cuban-catalan drink, as the guy who invented it, Facundo Bacardí Massó, was a child from Sitges, 30 km south of Barcelona, before emigrating to Cuba in 1830. The town of Sitges is enormously proud of him!
I chose black and white for this, as the Bacardi website talks about earthquakes, fire, revolution, destruction…
OK. Might have a drink now, after all this.


A Sitges saying (Sitges is a small and very pretty seaside resort 35 km south of Barcelona): wherever you are in the world, always find your way back to Balmins Playa.
This signpost is situated 49 meters from the playa. Exactly 49 meters. Not 50.


It is HOT!!! The heatwave covering the whole of Europe is still not abating. Here is a good place for a cold drink in the shade. You might even want to listen to the Phil Collins version of the eponymous song. It is rather good.


Sitges is the birthplace of Facund Bacardi i Masso, the founder of the eponymous rum distillery. And the municipality of Sitges had the very good idea not to put the statue of the man himself, but this rather wonderful statue.

I already posted this on my other blog, but I like it so much that I could not resist posting it here as well.

The tree…

… in the middle of the street.

Many more orange photos here


Waiting for all of you to come down here to visit us!

Sitges playa

Still Sitges, on the same sunny day… Or is it???

Sunny days in Sitges

Sitges, 30 km south of Barcelona, originally on a sunny day, with a nice blue sky…
And here is the original RAW shot, untouched.

World’s end?

Here is one I made earlier. Happy end of the world, everybody! C ya all tomorrow!
Well, Skywatch Friday, of course!

Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi celebrations in Sitges, last Sunday. over 160.000 carnations used to transform the narrow streets into lush carpets.

And here is how they did it.

On the rocks…

Kind of running out of ideas for giving this post a title. What would you call it?

Not a nude beach 2

I was in Sitges, 35 km/20 miles south of Barcelona, last Sunday. It was very hot, with a strange mixture of blue sky and very dark clouds. Therefore, this is for Skywatch Friday.

About the title… I posted this other picture with a similar title a few days ago…. and had a (not so) surprisingly high number of visitors. I am not into SEO, search engine optimization, but this is just… fun. We’ll see-)

The place to be

Wouldn’t you agree?

Not a nude beach 1

The green lady was the only one in the buff yesterday in Sitges. On this beach anyway.

Watery Wednesday…

…in Sitges, 30 km south of Barcelona, and not the Caribbean.
I know, it’s been my latest header photo for the last couple of days, but I couldn’t resist posting it for Watery Wednesday!

Monochrome 2

The very pretty town of Sitges, 35 km south of Barcelona.

Hard-working dad

It can be hard work, going to the beach!


Sitges, yesterday afternoon. This is for the Weekend in Black and White meme.

Watery Wednesday 147

Easter Monday in Sitges,.. It was a grey and windy day. But good enough weather for a couple of photos. Watery and windy ones, for Watery Wednesday of course!

Love, sex and diamonds…

…is the name of a shop we walked in one day, selling clothes, gadgets, lamps, guitars, flower pots… Anything really.

My World Tuesday

Catalunya is a land full of wonderful doors and gates. Just have a look around you, and you’ll find one.
Our friend Louis la Vache, aka our coffee man in Frisco, started a little meme about this theme. Don’t miss it!

This, of course is my world on Tuesday. Want to know more? It’s right here!


Aw, I just can’t resist when I see a sweet family like this one: I HAVE TO take a photo or 5, and I have to resist the urge to take them all home. But I think our own Puss, Rio, would not be very happy. Anyway, adorable, aren’t they?

Skywatch Friday

A little composition, playing with Photoshop. All this for Skywatch Friday, of course!

Surf’s up!

Time to get your wetsuits out!

Palau Marycel

The entrance to the Marycel Palace in Sitges.

Skywatch Friday

Had some fun reworking this originally pale and grey photo of Sitges for Skywatch Friday!!!

Dramatic Skywatch Friday

Nice dramatic sky off Sitges.

Check out Skywatch Friday, it is worth the visit!

5th Avenue

Today is May 5th, the fifth day of the 5th month. So… Let’s talk about 5th Avenue… Famous place, innit? Or so you think…Well, this is the one in Sitges, 30 clicks south of Barcelona!

Different, isn’t it? Here is one more view of the place…

Which 5th Avenue is your personal favorite, and why? I like both, for different reasons…

Down the creek… and into the sea

Monday afternoon in Sitges.

This is My World Tuesday. Please click here to see more.


I spotted him. He spotted me. I took the photo, then I left. His turf, not mine.

Under the bridge

We went to Sitges a couple of weeks ago, on the first warm sunday of the year. On the way back, by train, I had the silly idea of taking a photo every 10-20 seconds during the 30 minutes it took us to reach Barcelona. Silly, but actually with quite surprising results, some of them really good.

So, there is this bridge. We don’t have many bridges here, only 2 rivers, the Besos and the Llobregat, north and south of town.

San Francisco’s very own Louis la Vache has a bridge meme going on, every sunday. This is therefore our very first entry to this meme. I just had a look at this week’s entries, and they are really good. Have a look for yourselves!

A prize house

People love flowers. Most people anyway.
So, some people put some flowers in their houses. Some people put LOTS of flowers in their houses. Some even put giganormous lots of flowers in their houses, around their houses, on top of their houses.

And you know what happens then??? They win prizes! And then, they get some signs tu put on the walls of their houses, saying ‘this is a most flowered house’. Or so. I don’t know if they win anything else than the admiring glances of their neighbors or passerbys. Or occasional tourists like us.

This said, this is a photo of one of these most flowered houses, in Sitges, in the city center. This house won many prizes, for many years. They were about twice more of these signs, but I somehow had to frame this photo, and I still wanted the signs to be recognizable.

One small thing though… It was winter, 2 months ago. Not a single flower to be seen, anywhere… So… I’ll be back!

Do they do the same where you are? Do they win prizes?

The violinist

Sitges, last sunday, on the seafront. We spotted this excellent violinist playing to 2-3 people, on his fancy electric violin. Hope he got some rewards for his music!

And don’t forget: The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.
William Shakespeare

Map picture

Summer in Sitges

Summer, you say? It really looks like it today! A balmy 25 degrees (high 70es in the US), the suncream days a back!
Not wanting to waste such a nice day, we went to Sitges, one of our favorite places in Catalunya, 30 minutes from central Barcelona. It was hot, it was nice, the water was cold enough to turn you blue in 30 seconds.
This photo was taken less than 2 hours ago!!!

And should you be in Sitges tonight, not knowing what to do, here is a suggestion:

The band ‘ The Damp Knickers’, live at Paddy’s Bar, tonight a 20.30! Not the very best taste in band’s names, but the music might be good, you never know


I spent a n evening in Sitges, 2 days ago, and this is what I found. An beautiful light, and an almost absolute silence. All you could hear what the sea. No music, nobody talking, no cars. Just silence. I couldn’t stay long, but these few moments were like an anti stress therapy. Would love to live here!

Transports of all kinds again. This time no big boats, cars or helicopters… This is the oldtimer way, the slower way, when traveling was still traveling. Says a traveler!

This beautiful 19th century coach is at the entrance of the Museu Romantic, or museum of the romantic times, in Sitges.

White shop

It is official: we are having a heatwave. It is very very hot here.
And what do you do when you are hot? You dress light, and … white. You can see now more and more of these ”white shops””, where everything they sell is white. Nice.
And no, you can’t buy the plants. They are not white. And the lady in the back might be this guy‘s wife, who knows (one of my earliers posts).

Big green shoe

To stay on the color green a little longer
You’ve probably all heard that our bloggermate Amir is safe and well.

Anyway, this is a big green shoe on a beach. I could not find out anything about it. So, I suggest the following: just let your imagination go wild. What could it be?