Barcelona, a photo a day


Rush hour in Barcelona

This is the ransom of success and popularity… Oh man, give me an empty beach any day!

The cat on the hot tin roof?

No, we wouldn’t let him go there.It is very very hot, and our Rio would love to shed his fur coat and be in the nude. So we wet him with a towel, and he loves it! Not an outdoor cat, no no.

Ice cream anyone?

It’s summer, the ice cream days are back (but were they ever gone???). What’s your favorite flavor?
I do love the melon one! And I will try the mojito one soon!


Icecream anyone?

Watery temptation

August in Barcelona… Many many people spend hundreds (or thousands) of euros to be here now. As for us, the people actually living here, we’re just going to work, trying to escape the intense heat (over 41 degrees in the sun yesterday at 3 PM)  as much as possible… Going to the beach? Sure, in the evening!
Meanwhile, passing through Plaza de Catalunya, there are those temptingly cool looking fountains… Access forbidden, obviously. But if you go close enough,you can always enjoy a bit of the spray. Nice.

Watery Wednesday. Here.

With our longing thoughts to our friends and family in NZ, stuck in the snow. Guys, let’s swap for a day!

Lazy sunday afternoon…

These guys were very busy playing dice yesterday afternoon. We’re having a heatwave, Saturday was the hottest April day in over 60 years, far over 30 degrees.
And these fellas are having a game of dominoes. All very serious business! The missus is obviously at home, cooking I suppose…

Temperaturas africanas…

…or african temperatures, is what we have here now, or so they say on tv. Spotted this on the side of an icecream van.

Summer in Sitges

Summer, you say? It really looks like it today! A balmy 25 degrees (high 70es in the US), the suncream days a back!
Not wanting to waste such a nice day, we went to Sitges, one of our favorite places in Catalunya, 30 minutes from central Barcelona. It was hot, it was nice, the water was cold enough to turn you blue in 30 seconds.
This photo was taken less than 2 hours ago!!!

And should you be in Sitges tonight, not knowing what to do, here is a suggestion:

The band ‘ The Damp Knickers’, live at Paddy’s Bar, tonight a 20.30! Not the very best taste in band’s names, but the music might be good, you never know


It is getting warmer, slowly but steadily. Still, we are a long way from summer, 6 to 8 weeks, or so. Starts early here.
And yes, this is a colourful archive picture. Summer in the city.

Map picture

Walking on water

It was a very hot day, when we went to Perpinya (French: Perpignan), the other capital of Catalunya. Was watching that little girl stepping on the water, doing her best not to get wet. Or was she doing her best to actually get wet?
Perpinya, the former continental capital of the Kingdom of Mallorca, medium-sized, busy, not really much to see, but excellent for shopping those french delicacies you don’t get in Spain. I just needed my quince jelly, my paté and my creme de cassis! Oh yes, and some wine bien sur!


First and foremost: thanks again for all your birthday wishes!!! Love it!

I took this picture a few months back, in Ciutadella Park. I loved the sheer elegance of the gesture! And what better way to celebrate the first summer day than with… colors!