Barcelona, a photo a day


Early morning…

… in Northern Catalunya.

Watery Wednesday

A beautiful lake in the mountains… Shot for Watery Wednesday, of course!

It’s the weekend!

As the weather is very nice, 20 degrees (68 F), sun, I went to a short walk in the park, with my camera.

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Watery Wednesday

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just go fishing, instead of going to work or to school?

Watery Wednesday, right here.

Watery Wednesday in Connemarra

Still stuck at home, with a big stock of watery photos I’ve used before. So, let’s do a wee trip over to the very western part of Europe, the strikingly beautiful Connemarra, in Ireland, our old and beloved home. More photos from all around the world right here.

Our World on Tuesday

Autumn has finally arrived. Guess it is the end of the leisurely cruises on the little lake in Ciutadella Park for this year. It is actually raining (Yipeeeee!!!) while I write this.
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Our friend Robert in Athens had a very interesting post yesterday about his evolution as a blogger. I will come back to this soon, but let’s say for today that when I started this adventure 2 1/2 years ago, I remember several (many…) comments about the color riot in this blog.
Part of my evolution lately has been a switchover to some more advanced techniques (well, advanced for me anyway), like HDR, 360 degrees photos and panoramas. And I literally fell in love with the challenge of black and white (might actually start a new B and W one of these days, time permitting). So, here is the other version of the photo above. Hope you like it.

Watery Wednesday 109

Mangroves (I suppose) growing in the lake in Ciutadella Park.

This is for Watery Wednesday 109. Please click right here and right now to see more wonderful pictures full of water!

And once again, sorry about not browsing many of your blogs lately,  as I am extremely tired at the moment.