Barcelona, a photo a day




…it will be xiringuito season, aka the best time of the year: SUMMERTIME, YEAH!!!

A xiringuito, or guingueta, spanish chiringuito, is a beach bar, serving mostly drinks and snacks. Usually, some of them are fully-fledged restaurant. The bars tend to be really crowded after 2 PM, or in the evening, when the beach parties start. Excellent places to meet people…


Groomed, dressed, perfumed (Eau de Canine, of course), READY!!! So, where are the girls?

Once again, sorry for not spending some more time on your blogs… Many of my days start at 6 AM, and after I come home at around 8.30 PM, there is just not much time left for anything else than eating, shower… Hoping to catch up a bit around Christmas.


So, what do you do in Spain on New Year’s Eve (or Nochevieja in Spanish, old night)? You celebrate, have a drink, party…
And then, just before midnight, you eat one grape for each chime of the bell. 12 grapes in 12 seconds. You can actually buy small tins with exactly 12 grapes.
What else? Oh yes… To make sure to be lucky in love this coming year, you just HAVE to wear new red underpants! For sale everywhere.

OK, I could have posted a photo of some grapes. But this is more fun, no?

Aaaahh……..What time is it????/ Mais quelle heure est-il????

Street scenes at last summer’s Festa Major de Gracia. Every year, the suburb of Gracia organizes a spectacular one week long big party, with concerts, fire, theatre, and street decorations. This street’s theme was… Alice in Wonderland, of course!   And there was this big orange cat as well. No, his name is not Garfield! If you click on the Gracia label at the bottom of this post, you will find some more photos of the Festa. 
   Chaque annee, le quartier de Gracia organise une fete qui dure toute une semaine, avec des concerts, du theatre, des feux d’ artifices, et des decorations de rue.
Le theme de cette rue etait, surprise surprise, Alice au pays des merveilles.
Et il y avait egalement ce gros chat orange. Non, ce n’est pas Garfield! 

Pour en voir plus, il suffit de cliquer sur le label Gracia, juste en-dessous.