Barcelona, a photo a day


Sailing away… Rule of thirds

2014_01_19_3150 Fed up with Barcelona? Easy: just take a ferry to Italy, Africa, the balearic islands (Ibiza…)… Many nice places out there! In 24 hours, after cruising the Med, you can be in, for example, Livorno. Nice place. 20 km further (by land), you could have a pizza in Pisa, just next to the leaning tower. And I swear: you cannot beat an italian pizza!!!!! Buonissime pizze italiane!!!

May Day: Theme Day!

Right, here we go again: the monthly theme day. Which caused a dilemma… Yep, what to post??? Barcelona mailboxes are big, ugly and yellow. Boring. People’s mailboxes are a bit more inventive, but I don’t have a single photo in my archive. Not feeling too well at the moment, going out for a photo shoot is not really an option.
So, here it is: a smiling green mailbox on the biutiful (!!!) island of Burano, in Venice’s laguna (with a little wink to our friends in Luxembourg).
It’s the orange house that did it! Wouldn’t you love living in an orange house???

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Thursday’s Food for Thoughts 8

Some of the best food on earth can be eaten in Italy. It is in Italy that Carlo Petrini created the Slow Food Movement after all! You might notice the Food for Thought label on their website… No, it’s not about us!
Show us what is your conception of the best food!


Other day, other boat. This is the 202 m long GNV Excellent, arriving from Genoa, Italy and en route to Tangiers, Morocco. Photo taken from the top of the Mirador de Colon, the Columbus Column.

It is a ferry, not a cruise ship,  going from places in Italy to Barcelona, Tunisia, Morocco and Malta. The Excellent can hold up to 2230 passengers, 760 cars and has 425 cabins.
Grandi Navi Veloci means Big Fast Boats in Italian. Which is a funny name in a way. Let us rename Porsche  ‘ Too Fast German Cars That Should Not be Driven by 18 Years Old’, and Nespresso ‘ Georges Clooney’s life and death’. Can you think of anything else?

Benet XVI

I’d like to tell you today about a visitor we’ll be having here next sunday. When I say we, I mean Catalunya, and specially Barcelona. Yep, the pope is coming. I remember titles of some italian newspapers when he was elected, specially the headlines ‘Papa-razzi’ and ‘il pastore tedesco’ the german shepperd (the latest one in a communist newspaper).
Well, whatever one might think of him, he is coming here next sunday, to inaugurate the main nave of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Gaudi’s not yet finished masterwork. Some people having flats with a view on the cathedral are renting their balconies. At incredible rates, 700 to 1000 euros. For the day, obviously. Which is totally mad, but well, we’re living in a capitalist world. As long as someone is willing to pay for it…
The city will be so crowded! We will see if we brave the masses. Will tell you more about it… next monday.
By the way, Benet is catalan for Benedict. In french, the word benet means something totally different. Check it out! Here, for example.