Barcelona, a photo a day


Un café con hielo, por favor


Coffee in Spain is excellent. During our long summer, this is definitely my favorite drink, Café con Hielo. Take some ice cubes in a glass, have the bartender bring a Café solo (aka expresso, in other countries). Sugar, no sugar? You choose. Drop the Café solo onto your ice cubes. Et voila!
The best place for this, is obviously a shady terrace!



A very good spanish thing… although I took this photo in Sintra Portugal. To be fair, they do it in many warm countries as well. In Spain, many shops and offices are closed in the afternoon, too hot to work.

An evening on the beach



This is for Skywatch Friday

I know what you did last summer!


Well, maybe I don’t. But I truly wish you were fortunate enough to find yourself a nice place to spend the summer, be it sea or mountain. And for me, AND I REALLY NEED SUMMER RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!

Special message to some good friends of mine in the scorching heat of Western Australia (the hottest day in ages there): winter will be back. In a few months, wont be long now. Lol.

Rush hour in Barcelona

This is the ransom of success and popularity… Oh man, give me an empty beach any day!


And summer is going on and on. Good news for beachgoers! No changes in the weather in the close future. Here is yesterday’s weather report. Not today’s, but we only need one, don’t we.


…and the living is easy.

For some anyway. For the others: back to work now.

Board meeting

Wake up, guys and gals, spring has arrived! 25 degrees today, that is mid to high seventies, or so they say!


Spring, as seen in the backstreets of our fair city. A good 20 degrees, 70 for ya’ all living in Fahrenheit Country.



Winter…is over! Let’s celebrate spring!

It’s still winter in Barcelona…

…but the good days, they are a-coming!


First snow in Barcelona in 3 years!!! But only on the higher parts of town, like here in Tibidabo.

Pruning time

We did not have a real winter here (so far), it feels more like early spring. So, it’s time for some pruning, like here, in the garden of the old Sant Pau hospital in the Raval. A job best done in the sun!

Theme day: umbrellas

It’s theme day again, umbrellas this month. Not much rain in Barcelona lately, so here is one I took in Santiago de Compostela, a pilgrimage place in the north-west of Spain, 1000km from here, a few months ago.

To see many more brollies, just click here.

The brave

Well, it isn’t cold here, but I would definitely not go for a swim or even a dip. Some do… Photo taken yesterday.

On Christmas day, like every year, 400 of those courageous people went for a swim across the port. Well done, guys and girls!

Winter in Barcelona

Happy winter, everybody. Here, we still have 18 degrees C, and it’s nice. The only white we’ll have for Christmas is the foam from the waves.

Nice weather on the seafront

We seem to have a never ending summer… A rainy day last Sunday, but the temperature is stable at around 27 degrees most days. Still more than warm enough for the beach!


Autumn has arrived in town, with a big bang: rain, rain, rain. The dry season is truly over. We still have what most Europeans would call balmy temperatures, 23-25 degrees.

PLEASE REMEMBER! Tomorrow is CDPB theme day! The theme is: silhouette. Here is where you can post (or see) it, on the CDBP Theme day blog, specially created for this purpose!

Unusual English word of the day, dedicated to all French: batrachophagous. Check it out, and bon appetit! 

La señora de la tienda de abanicos

Aka the lady from the fan shop. It is still quite hot here, 28 to 30 degrees most days. So hail to this most Spanish of all inventions!

Mami, he’s gonna melt!!!

The golden man in front of A casa Portuguesa, in Carrer Verdi, Gracia. I think it is Fernando Pessoa, one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest poets in the Portuguese language, an amazing poet and writer.
Well, the little girl seems to like him a lot, and might be afraid of him melting, with the summer-in-Dubai kind of temperatures we’re having here right now.


We woke up yesterday morning (at 6), and oh miracle, it was raining! It only lasted for an hour, but what a joy!!!

Our world Tuesday

The cat on the hot tin roof?

No, we wouldn’t let him go there.It is very very hot, and our Rio would love to shed his fur coat and be in the nude. So we wet him with a towel, and he loves it! Not an outdoor cat, no no.

Ice cream anyone?

It’s summer, the ice cream days are back (but were they ever gone???). What’s your favorite flavor?
I do love the melon one! And I will try the mojito one soon!

Barcelona, 8 PM

… and now over to the weather report. It has been a hot day, 35 degrees C. No change for the next few days. It’s summer, folks!

Skywatch Friday.

Rainy Sunday

Oh rain, oh rain
Oh rain, oh rain, beautiful rain
Don’t disturb me, beautiful rain
Oh come, never come, oh come, never come
Oh come to me beautiful rain

Rain, rain, rain, rain
Beautiful rain
rain, rain, rain, rain
Beautiful rain
Oh come, never come, oh come, never come
Oh come to me beautiful rain

When the sun says good night to the mountain
I am dreaming of the sun
Say good night
When the sun says good night to the mountain
I am dreaming of the sun
Say good night
When the sun goes down, the birds on the trees
Are singing sweet for the night
When the sun says good night to the mountain
I am dreaming of the sun
Say good night.
When the sun goes down, the birds on the trees
Are singing sweet for the night
When the sun says good night to the mountain
I am dreaming of the sun
Say good night

Rain, rain, rain, rain
Beautiful rain
Rain, rain, rain, rain
Beautiful rain
Oh come, never come, oh come, never come
Oh come to me beautiful rain.

Early morning

One very early morning, several weeks ago, on my way to work. The streets are so nice and empty at 7 AM!  The quality is not very good, as I took this with my phone.

Here is for Skywatch Friday, a bit late…

Beach time is back!!!

Very soon, instead of looking for a sunny spot to have a coffee, we will be shifting to a cold drink and some shadow. 27 degrees this coming weekend, yeah!!! Beach time, folks!


We’re still not quite there yet. It was much warmer one year ago, but we’re getting there: it’s gonna get WARM soon! And these chairs and tables wont be empty anymore.

Weekend reflections

Not much time at the moment, so here is one I made before, as they say in cooking shows… Plaza de Catalunya, one sad and grey spring day.

James’s Weekend Reflections, right here.


The kiss

Whilst having a good photo shoot in the north of Barcelona today, on our first really warm day of the year (T shirt weather, my friends!!!), I spotted this couple, kissing in the sun. Now, I don’t usually intrude on people’s privacy, but… If they thought they were alone, they were wrong! Hundreds of people around. Anyway, guys, thanks for the photo!

Keeping fit, aka post 999

Well, ok, this photo was taken 2 weeks ago, during a normal winter day. Now, we’re having a cold spell all over Europe, you might have heard of it. The coldest winter in Catalunya in over 25 years, nothing less! Temperatures have gone down and down and down… Minus 23 in the mountains, minus 1 here. Which makes it even more important to keep FIT!


Summer? No, January 22nd, winter.

Skywatch Friday season 5, episode 25

Splendid sunrise, but God, was it cold! Skywatch Friday, right here.

Watery Wednesday

Close to freezing temperatures in the morning… So here’s a bit of summer!

Watery Wednesday as usual, right here.

Getting cold…

The beach chairs have been put away. The winter clothes came out of the wardrobes. Christmas lights are on in the streets and square. The city looks festive. It is the end of yet another year.

Winter is coming

Seems the weather is changing in the mountains, high up at the catalan-french border. I haven’t heard about snow yet, but when it will be here, this will be the best way moving around.

This is, as every friday, for Skywatch Friday.


Icecream anyone?

Pintxu d’embotit catala

This weekend, we’re having here the mercat dels mercats, the market’s market, the best of all markets around. I love what they did to these sausages!
Private message to the All Blacks: very well done, mates!!!


It’s time to get nuts! Hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts!!!
This is for Our World Tuesday!

Surf’s up, part 2

Glad to see that some of you followed our advice, and had fun!!!


Have a nice Sunday everybody, full of sunshine, ice creams, walks in the park and flowers.

Skywatch Friday

A little composition, playing with Photoshop. All this for Skywatch Friday, of course!

Dramatic Skywatch Friday

Nice dramatic sky off Sitges.

Check out Skywatch Friday, it is worth the visit!

Watery Wednesday

Even during the winter… Watery Wednesday!


It is the 3rd day of autumn, and everything is turning golden brown. This is the main entrance to the Lourdes Sanctuary.