Barcelona, a photo a day


I love closed shops!

Well, for one, it saves me lots of monay… And also, they so often have very groovy curtains, like this one. Excellent job!

The electrician

An electrician must be some kind of Greek god, according to this shop front! Zeus himself!

Welcome to the…

…tarot reading place, on Carrer Tallers, 08001 Barcelona!


A capillary fantasy about virgin human hair…I might go for the yellow one… And you?

Where is home?

Here is one suggestion.

And I love the lamps!

Please visit Mandarin Orange Monday, by Lorikart

Tintin et Milou

A little piece of Belgium, inside the Arenas shopping center. Dedicated to Luna, Leia and Cezar, in Belgium, and not in Luxembourg anymore.


Almost everything can be beautiful.

Shadow games

A late night out, an enticing shop window…

Probably the best bookshop in the world…

I never do publicity for anything commercial, and this is THE exception: Altair. Simply the biggest travel bookshop in Europe, and one of the biggest in the world. They have everything you can dream of, and even their own travel agency! Wanna find out how to go to Gavdos, Aitutaki or Fakaofa, this is the place! And it’s just around the corner! Been coming here for 30 years.

What is your best bookshop in the world?

Sweets for my sweet…

We both love oriental sweets, and you can get them everywhere here. Dangerous!!!


 Everything for the modern man on a night out in town!

The keeper

Ok, folks, I’m keeping the shop safe from thieves and cars, but, hey, it’s siesta time now!

CDP December theme: our street

Our street is the theme for this month on the CDP portal, and this is the photo we chose, a photo about the street around the corner from ours.

Click here to see other people’s streets.

The great sea

The Maremagnum (great sea) shopping center, seen from Montjuic hill. A shopping center with a normal cinema, an IMAX cinema, many restaurants, painters, artists… A very lively place in the Port Vell, the old port.


Just enjoying the sun and the newspaper.

Quite a spectacle!

Well… A pretty colorful shopfront! And a sight for sore eyes…

English word of the day: grammar…

word history: Although the two concepts are rarely associated with each other, grammar and glamour are linked. Recorded in Middle English, the word grammar came via French gramaire and Latin grammatica from Greek grammatikē (tekhnē) ‘(art) of letters’. In the Middle Ages Latin grammatica was often used to mean ‘learning’, and because many people associated scholarship with magic, grammar seems to have taken on the meaning ‘enchantment, magic’. It was in Scottish English in the 18th century that the spelling change from grammar to glamour occurred, and the form glamour became fixed in the meaning ‘magic’ and later ‘an attractive and exciting quality’. Similarly, grimoire ‘a book of spells’ derives from an alternative spelling of French grammaire ‘grammar’.

For the small pleasures in life…

Yet another shop in Barcelona… There are shops for everything here!


One of the cooler shop signs in the old town

Harsh times…

Crisis? Hard times? No reason not to look good!

The open air hair dressers

In Barcelona, where else!

A new word…

As an English teacher, I absolutely like discovering new words. Found the very nice boustrophedon the other day…   Anyway, fashion made of trash? TRASHION, of course! In this case, bags made of recycled plastic.

La señora de la tienda de abanicos

Aka the lady from the fan shop. It is still quite hot here, 28 to 30 degrees most days. So hail to this most Spanish of all inventions!

A night on the town

Getting up most mornings at 6 or earlier, I don’t really get much out in the evening. But there are some exceptions… The old bullfighting arena, now a trendy shopping mall. Bullfighting is illegal here in Catalunya, unlike the rest of Spain.

The golden ant

La Formiga d’ or, or golden ant, is one of the nicer bookshops in town. We just love the place, being giant bookworms. There are 2 of them in town, one in the cathedral’s cloister, and one nearby. Both have a very medieval feel. What’s your favorite bookshop like?

The weekend in black and white.