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Enjoy your weekend, y’all!


A Weekend Reflection.

Tea time


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A weekend reflection


Wish I was on the beach right now! Where are your favorites beaches?

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A weekend reflection


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A weekend reflection


This is the mirrored ceiling above the entrance of the Maremagnum shopping mall in the Port Vell.
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Oh yeah, that’s me in the photo…

A weekend reflection in Poble Sec


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A weekend reflection…


…of a golden balcony, for this weekend’s reflections

A weekend reflection


A weekend reflection… Wishing one of those 60-footer IMOCA class monohulls in the Port Vell was mine… Friends and sponsors, start saving: 70 days left until my birthday!!! I need a bit of south Pacific, it’s good for the soul! And no worries, I can handle this! Oh well, it’s easier for 2 people. Care to join me?


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Camera-shy weekend reflection…


It’s weekend, therefore weekend reflections… Can you see me? Only a few days till the CDP monthly theme day, camera-shy self portrait!

A weekend reflection


Color, or black and white? Why choose, if you can have both!
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Some funny publicity in a clothes shop on Passeig de Gracia. To see more b&w, click here, and here for more reflections.

A weekend reflection

Sundown in one of the windbreakers at the Maremagnum shopping mall, on Friday night.

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Can Ricart, a weekend reflection

The Can Ricart sport center in the Raval, as seen through a window.

This is for Weekend Reflections!

La Petite France, or what’s behind a name

Leaving Paris, we are now in the city of Strasbourg, north east of France, at the german border. My hometown.
This is la petite France, the area known as little France, with a gruesome history to its name. There was a hospice in the area, called l’hospice des veroles, built during the 15th century, specially for people suffering of syphilis (most of them prostitutes). Syphilis was better known as the french disease, as it was brought by french soldiers. Therefore the name of the area…
Nowadays, it is the center of the old town, with a lot of very pretty houses, most of them over 500 years old, crossed by the river Ill. No hospice anymore, just lots of good restaurants. And tourists.
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A reflection of meals to come

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A weekend reflection…

…at the Maritime Museum. Click here to see more.

Skywatch Friday reflection

OK, maybe a few words of explanation for this one. Deep blue sky, some orange trees, a fountain, water…

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Weekend Reflections

More from Horta, the park with the amazing maze.

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A place in the shade

A very good place to escape the heat!

Another weekend reflection.

Weekend Reflections

Oh look, that’s me, me, me, me, me, me, me and also me! Having a ball, or several!

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Weekend Reflections

Yep, that’s Mandy and Rob, plus some stranger on the side. Feeling a bit sandy.

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The woman in the window

A weekend reflection in the Raval.

Weekend Reflections

The Zurich building on Avenida Diagonal.

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After the rain

One of many passages in Barcelona’s old town.
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Weekend reflections

Not much time at the moment, so here is one I made before, as they say in cooking shows… Plaza de Catalunya, one sad and grey spring day.

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Weekend Reflections in France

Just a pond with some lilies, and a bit of sky…

This is for James’s Weekend Reflections.

Monochrome 2

The statue in front of the Catalan Parliament in Ciutadella Park, for Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White and for James’s Weekend Reflections.

Weekend reflections in Horta

Yet another view of the gardens in Horta.

Good shot for Weekend Reflections! And for Skywatch Friday as well.

Black and White Weekend Reflections

Some university buildings in the Raval. James’s weekly Weekend Reflections meme is right here! And Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White, here.

It’s the weekend!

As the weather is very nice, 20 degrees (68 F), sun, I went to a short walk in the park, with my camera.

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Weekend Reflection: CCCB. AKA post 877

The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (also known by its acronym, CCCB) is one of the most visited exhibition and arts centres in  Barcelona.
Situated in the Raval district, about 3 minutes walking distance from where we live, the Centre’s core theme is the city and urban culture. Its success is based on quality, its rather eclectic approach, attention to a broad cross section of publics and the unique way it addresses issues with the aim of linking the academic world with creative processes and citizens in general. The CCCB organizes and produces exhibitions, debates, festivals and concerts; programmes film cycles, courses and lectures; encourages creation using new technologies and languages, explores and promotes the ongoing fusion of languages and different genres, and takes in-house productions to other national and international arts centres, museums and institutions. The underlying aim of these activities is to generate debate, thinking and reflection on the theme of the city and public space, and other issues that define current affairs. The CCCB is also an open space for creators, associations and freelance programmers with whom it has forged links over the years.
The CCCB offers the public access to part of its holdings, a manifestation of its activities in the form of a multimedia archive comprising materials created by the Centre during its years of activity. A wide variety of materials (documents, publications, digital files, audiovisuals, etc.) on key themes of contemporary culture and society are available for consultation in the CCCB ARCHIVE, which is constantly updated. Also available for public consultation is the Centre’s XCÈNTRIC ARCHIVE, a digital archive of experimental and documentary film, comprising over 700 titles related to its programme “Xcèntric. The CCCB’s Cinema”.

Thank you, Wiki. And here is a kind of 3D panorama of the fabulous courtyard of the same CCCB, one I made earlier, as they say on TV cooking programs.
For those interested, I used a (free) program called Photosynth. It’s very easy to use, and I absolutely love it!!! You’ll find it here.

OK. This post is for James’s Weekend Reflection meme. You’ll find it here!

Weekend Reflections

One of the many noble buildings in the city center, reflecting…
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Weekend Reflections

Reflections in the windows of a hotel in Andorra la Vella, the capital of the Principality of Andorra. The ball and the cables are part of a bridge I’ll show you on monday, the rest is the mountain facing the hotel. Very appropriate name for the hotel, by the way: it’s the Magic Hotel, no less!

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Black and white weekend reflection

This is not an easy picture. It was taken at the Forum building, which is a paradise and a nightmare for photographers, all at the same time, with it’s unlikely shapes, and with so many reflective materials.
Well, have fun trying to make sense of it! It probably helps if you make it bigger.
This is for Dragonstar’s Black and White Weekend in Ireland, and James’s (formerly from Newtown) Weekend Reflection meme.

After reflection (…), here is a color version of the same shot. Might help.

Weekend Reflections

Oh look: that’s me!
After first posting this on my other blog, I decided to delete it there and to re-post it here. Photo taken 2-3 days ago behind the Forum area, close to what was originally planed as the new maritime zoo of Barcelona, before our new Mayor decided to forget about the project. Anyway, enjoy the skyline, with all the 4* hotels and very expensive apartments (with a fantastic view, I agree).
I have been posting beach photos for a few days now. After thinking a lot about it, I decided to post some photos from the naturist beach in Barcelona in the above mentioned other blog, as I have been a practicing naturist for longer than I care to remember. Why the other blog? No hypocrisy, just the wish to spare some people’s feeling or beliefs (not getting too many visitors over there). If you don’t want to go there, then just don’t. It is my strong belief that we are all equal, and that we do not have to be ashamed to be as God made us. Or Mother Nature, call it what you wish. Would you be ashamed of showing a finger or, I don’t know, maybe your forehead? Why ignore our bodies?
And it is very nice not to wear a wet or/and sandy swimsuit, believe me!

Anyway, enough rambling! This photo above was taken for James’s Weekend Reflections. Please check what my blogger mates did this week!

Weekend Reflections

Funghi porcini, olive oil and some wine, found in an Italian shop called, strangely enough, Spagna (Spain, in Italian), in France.
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PS: 8.40 PM, just came back from this year’s Gay Pride, have a look at the 34 photos I posted on my other blog, on the sidebar! Was great fun!

My World Tuesday

So I went to France this weekend, on a family matter, alone. Took the usual 3-400 photos, ate well, and came back 3 hours ago, 2 PM on Monday, after 36 hours by train… forgetting my camera 1300 km from here. So, photos from France will have to wait a few days.
Meanwhile, I really like these lamps in one of the local luxury Chinese restaurants. My world on Tuesday, right here!

The Big Blue Museum

I showed you an inhabitant of this place a few days ago, a lovely stuffed goat. Well, this is where the goat lives. It is an equilateral triangle 180 meters on each side, 25 meters high. It was built in 2004 by the architects Herzog and De Meuron. It hosts now the Museum of Natural History, aka the blue museum.

A few random pictures from in- and outside.

This is for James’s Weekend Reflections. Have a look!

Weekend Reflections

A bit of explanation… This is a flower box in a restaurant, just next to a pool at Barcelona’s Casino, and what you see is the water reflected on the wooden box on a very sunny day (last weekend).

This is for James’s Weekend Reflections meme. Check it out, right here!

Weekend Reflection

Ciutadella Park. Lovely eyes. Dreamy.

Weekend Reflection. Here.

Weekend Reflections 79

Entering the Caixaforum museum. Owned by a bank called Caixa Catalunya, which explains the slightly weird name.

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Weekend Reflections 77

One evening, flying back to Barcelona… The sun reflecting from the W Hotel’s glass front onto the sea.

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Our thoughts are in Japan today.

Weekend reflections

Proud oriental warrior? Maybe… Meanwhile, he is a doorman at the entrance of a club on the seafront. What you see in the back is the reflection of a city bus.

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Just ring the bell…

…at Casa Batllo!

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Weekend reflection bubble

Came across these guys who are blowing giant soap bubbles, and I said to myself: what a wonderful thing! Let’s post it!
What is reflected in the bubbles themselves are the 19th- early 20th century buildings on Calle Laietana, one of the old town’s main thoroughfares. And what is behind the bubbles are what remains of the very old roman walls from the original Barcino. Almost 2000 years of architecture in the photos.

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Weekend Reflections

A glimpse of Plaza de Catalunya reflected on the windows of the bus I was in the other day.

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Weekend Reflections 70

Oh look, that’s us! Let’s take a photo!

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Experimenting some header problems. Will try to fix it ASAP. Although it might be a good idea to K.I.S.S. for a while…

Weekend Reflections 69

Barcelona airport, 5 AM…

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Weekend Reflections

Weird graffiti reflected in the windows of one of the Raval’s popular student cafes.

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Watery Wednesday 120

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Skywatch Friday/Weekend Reflexions

Glass building facing the Illa Diagonal shopping center.

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Weekend reflections

Around the corner…

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Weekend reflections

I am lucky enough not to have to commute, as my office is 3 minutes away from where we live, walking distance. Mandy commutes for 2 1/2 hours everyday.
These are the reflections seens this morning, a nice sunshiny day, with some majestic cloud formations over the sea. They are actually my office’s windows, seen from our terrace.

Oh, it’s my birthday today, Rob that is. I am now a follower of San Francisco’s 49ers. For 1 year.

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Weekend reflections

Some of the surrounding urban and industrial landscape reflecting on the W Hotel.

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Oh my, this must have hurt…

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Weekend Reflections

Nature, reflected in the windows of this most beautiful and most organic looking building.

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Bubbles and squeaks

This afternoon, the old town was full of bubbles and delighted squeaks!

So… What if we burst the proverbial bubble?

Let’s see…

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Reflections on the glass ceiling at the entrance of the Maremagnum shopping center, in the Port Vell.

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