Barcelona, a photo a day


The diagonal forum

Behind the shopping mall called Diagonal Forum, there is a small fountain. It doesn’t look like much during daytime, but is so much nicer at night.

The fox and the pelican

A delightful little fountain in Ciutadella Park.

The faun?

Another busker on Plaza Catalunya, near the fountains? Or an escapee of Greek mythology? Pan means bread in Spanish, by the way… 😉

More watery photos here, if Kim has time enough to activate the meme on her holidays home, in the Philippines.

And happy spring everybody, the astronomical spring starts today in the northern hemisphere, at 12AM Spanish time!

Pass the shampoo, darling

The big public shower/fountain on Plaza de Catalunya

Water World Wednesday

Made a little collage from close-ups of the fountains on Plaza de Catalunya, for Kim’s Water World Wednesday meme. Click here to see more!

Splish splash

A moment in the lifetime of a fountain…

Water World Wednesday

November sky

Interesting sky yesterday morning above the fountains on Plaza de Catalunya


…in the fountain on San Filipo Neri square, 1/20 s, ISO 400, f/5.6, 450mm, aperture priority.

For Water World Wednesday, and Nature Footsteps.


Autumn has arrived in town, with a big bang: rain, rain, rain. The dry season is truly over. We still have what most Europeans would call balmy temperatures, 23-25 degrees.

PLEASE REMEMBER! Tomorrow is CDPB theme day! The theme is: silhouette. Here is where you can post (or see) it, on the CDBP Theme day blog, specially created for this purpose!

Unusual English word of the day, dedicated to all French: batrachophagous. Check it out, and bon appetit! 

Gaudilona and the Titanic

The Plaza de Espana is one of the main hubs in Barcelona, the junction of several major thoroughfares, metro, trains and many many buses… And right in the middle stands a big fountain, by Josep Maria Jujol, one of Antonio Gaudi’s collaborators. No, you cannot escape Gaudi in Barcelona. Maybe we should rename the city Gaudilona, or Bargaudi. You get the same feeling in the lovely city of Cobh, county Cork, Ireland, the Titanic’s last stop. Every shop, pub, restaurant has the word Titanic in it’s name.
Back to Barcelona, the happiest city in Europe… See yesterday’s post. One question: what does it actually mean?

More of the fountain above

The pelican and the fox

One of the nicer fountains in Ciutadella Park.

So what’s the news then?

Not Barcelona, but Plaza de Espana in Madrid, last time Mandy had to go there.

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday, right here.


As you all notices, I like experimenting (well ok: playing around) with my photos. The result is never really what I expected, sometimes good, sometimes better, sometimes not good, sometimes really bad. But then, sometimes, photography can be like painting… with a little sun glare on my lense.

Watery Wednesday

Lots of cats living wild on Montjuic Hill. And they need to drink as well. Spotted this one on a very warm and sunny  afternoon, last sunday, just a few meters away from the Magic Fountain. A fine pussycat for a fine Watery Wednesday!

Watery ABC WedNesday

I usually publish a water picture of some kiNd on wedNesdays, for 2sweetNsaxy’s Watery WedNesday meme. Let’s chaNge, and do somethiNg else as well this week. So there is a meme called ABC Wednesday, a photo a week ceNtered arouNd a letter. This week the letter N.

So let me show you this very Nice fouNtaiN in Ciutadella Park, Near the Arc de Triomf, a paNoramic view.

Watery Wednesday 152: liquid gold

A fountain,sunshine, a few drops, some ripples on the water… It’s a kind of magic!

Watery Wednesday: it’s magic!

Watery Wednesday

It is HOT!!! We’re having some hot air coming straight from the Sahara, and it’s been over 45 degrees in many parts of Spain. As we’re on the coast, we are getting a breeze from the sea. But still, yesterday Tuesday, we really got this feeling… You know, when you open the oven door, and the very hot air comes out. Basically, it is too hot to sweat.
So, the fountain on Plaza Catalunya nearby is extremely tempting!!!

Watery Wednesday! Check it out, and have a cool drink! We will!

Watery Wednesday 141

3 views of the same fountain/cascade on Montjuic Hill.
Yep, you’re right, it’s Watery Wednesday again! Just click here!

Watery Wednesday 136

Yet another picture of the Magic Fountain for this week’s Watery Wednesday. I don’t think we’ll ever grow tired of it!!!

It’s a kind of magic…

We went back to this most magic of places last night, the Magic Fountain in Montjuic. Enjoy!
(Got now enough Watery Wednesday pictures to last us 11 years… Just kidding!)

Theme of the month: fountains

Here we are again, the CDP monthly theme day. Today, February 1st: fountains.
Well, this is one I made earlier, from our beloved Magic Fountain, Fons Magica. Admittedly reworked to death, but I think it was worth it. Don’t you love the 2 Asian (Japanese?) girls posing in the middle of the photo, and probably getting very wet?

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As this is where we live, this is for My World Tuesday as well. Click right… HERE !

Watery Wednesday

The fountain on Rossio Square in Lisbon.
Some of you asked for more photos from the Mousteiro dos Jeronimos, St Jerome’s monastery. We’ll show you more soon, most probably this weekend.

This, meanwhile, is for one of our favorite memes, Watery Wednesday. Please click here as usual to see more.