Barcelona, a photo a day


Winter is coming

Seems the weather is changing in the mountains, high up at the catalan-french border. I haven’t heard about snow yet, but when it will be here, this will be the best way moving around.

This is, as every friday, for Skywatch Friday.

A very special day! Nevada historica en Barcelona

 Yes, today is a very special day indeed! Let us dwell in the urban history and myths… According to someone (in her thirties) I talked to today, this is the first day of it’s kind in 10 years.
Our neighbor,  the owner of the local garage, a man in his sixties, hasn’t seen anything like this since 1963.

Anyway, barceloneses will talk about this day for a long long time…

Que pasa, what is happening??? Let the pictures talk to us, shall we?

I shall post more than one picture today, today being a special day after all.

Here they come…


It started snowing around 11.30 AM. By mid-afternoon, public transports had collapsed. 2 inches, 5 centimeters… 

09/03/2010 It’s official, we had yesterday the heaviest snowfall since 1962, according to the papers and MeteoCat.